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Company : Secret Paradise Maldives
Location : Hoadedhdhoo
Duration: < 1 week to 1 year
Approx Costs: 1000 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Looking to really get under the skin of the Maldives as well as having the opportunity to give something back? Join us and our partner Sun sHADe Volunteers and experience the unique Maldives.

We work in conjunction with Sun sHADe Volunteers, that is entirely led by Huvadhoo Aid (HAD), a non-governmental, youth organization located in Huvadhoo Atoll. HAD was founded in 1987 and welcomed the first international volunteer programme in 2009. Since then a lot of foreign volunteers have experienced an authentic travel experience in the Maldives, while working on various projects. The various volunteering programmes offered-on education, community development, cultural exchange, healthcare, sports- all aim to develop community life while conserving the island itself and the marine life surrounding it. We work with each volunteer to design a program that is best suited to their skill level and interest while filling a need in the community. 

We offer several incredible opportunities to try and make our volunteers stays as memorable as possible:

•   Weekly “desert-island excursions” – A real desert island experience! We drop our volunteers and local guides off on an uninhabited island in the morning, provide you with everything you will need and leave you there all day! Picnics on such islands are great fun, and offer volunteers an opportunity to explore, sunbathe and relax in a tropical paradise. Picnics and barbeques on an uninhabited beach, with a few good friends, are truly one of the greatest things the Maldives has to offer.

•   Swimming and Snorkeling – Our pristine oceans are one of our proudest and most beautiful assets. Azure-blue, crystal clear water and coral reefs teeming with fish visible just below the surface of the water are trademarks of our nation. It is undeniably tempting to plunge into the ocean on a daily basis.

•   Tours around the atoll – Most islands in the Maldives are unique and are host to different customs and sights to see. We offer trips which can visit several of these islands over the course of a few days. This really does give you a better view of what the Maldives is really like.

•   Night-snorkeling – Feel like an olden-days explorer by taking a trip snorkeling during the night. It’s an amazing feeling swimming in a warm sea at night with just a torch and a few friends for company. The marine life at night is spectacular. Expect to see turtles, reef sharks and hundreds of different species of brightly coloured fish! And if you’re lucky, maybe even dolphins!

•   Surfing – Some of the best surf breaks in the world are located in the Maldives, and also don’t miss the opportunity to go surfing on the equator! Many of the locals are excellent surfers and will be more than happy to show you the ropes.

•   Fishing – Fishing, besides making up a large percentage of the country’s economy, is a favorite past-time of many of the inhabitants and most of the islanders have a passion for that! Locals and local volunteers will offer to take you fishing in the beautiful waters surrounding our island. Night fishing usually begins with a burning sunset turning into a starry sky. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Catching such a wide variety of exotic fish is an experience of a life-time!

•   Barbeques - Any fish caught can also be prepared and eaten locally, with evening beach barbeques (or at private houses) -almost as common as the fishing trips that precede them!


Apart from that, volunteers have the opportunity to meet local people and experience a 100% local island life! The inhabitants of Hoadedhdhoo are extremely friendly and provide a warm welcome to all visitors. They are grateful for the work that volunteers provide and have no trepidation in including them in their daily activities. Volunteers can get an authentic feel for the Maldivian life here and it is certainly not an opportunity to pass up!

Start Dates

Available all year round

Costs / Benefits

Huvadhoo Aid is an NGO and supports a not-for-profit set up, which ensures that the entirety of your fee is spent on the costs of your placement. This means that your entire fee goes back into aiding the community. Our transparent policy ensures that our volunteers know exactly where their money goes. You will be able to see precisely what your money is being spent on and if you have any questions or

Our activities as an NGO greatly benefit the local community and when you join our family you too will be able to watch your time and money become invested in the happiness of the local people.

Our programme fee includes:
• Volunteer placement within Sun sHADe Volunteers
• Domestic transportation between Male and Hoadedhdhoo (Airport pick-up/ drop-off, domestic flight and boat ride included)
• Visa for the length of your stay and administration charges
• Accommodation for the length of your stay (either homestay or guesthouse)
• 3 meals per day which are locally sourced
• Utilities such as electricity, water and other expenses
• Medical insurance
• A local SIM-card (package of data for texting, calling and accessing the Internet included- however, you must provide your own phone)
• 24/7 local staff support (island orientation on arrival and volunteer’s handbook provided as well)
• Local transportation both to and within the atoll
• Weekly activities (may involve fishing trips, snorkeling, wakeboarding or picnics to uninhabited islands)
• Other activities that may be required for your placement
• Programme-related costs (workshops, campaigns and presentations you may create for locals)
• Other administration expenses

Additional to the programme fee is an administration fee of USD 200. This administration fee includes administrative costs involved processing visa, airport expenses on arrival, application review process as well as office overheads, marketing costs and utilities for our office building.

10 % discount will be offered on the volunteer fee if you confirm your placement three months in advance. A booking is confirmed once the required documents and the USD 200 administration fee is received. Discounts are also available for longer placements and can be discussed alongside your application.

Refund Policy
The administrative fee of USD 200 is a non-refundable fee. Once the fee is paid we will start to work on your volunteer placement within Huvadhoo Aid (HAD) or with one of our partner NGOs.
If, for any reason, after the volunteer fee is paid, the volunteer decides to cancel the placement and requires a refund of the programme fee, the refund will be given as follows:
• 30 days before the arrival 75% of volunteer fee
• 15 days before the arrival 50% of volunteer fee
• 10 days before the arrival 30% of volunteer fee
• 5 days before the arrival no refund will be awarded
For all refunds, it is the volunteer’s responsibility to transfer all the bank charges.


1. Contact us with your preferred program, length of stay and interests/experience

2. Tell us the preferred dates of your trip

3. We will then e-mail you an application form to fill out.

Booking / Enquiry

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