Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF)

The Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) is a not-for-profit and non-governmental community-based organization established in June 1997 by the residents of Khandbari Bazaar to provide support to needy children, especially girls for qualityeducation

Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) Khandbari

The Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) is a not-for-profit and non-governmental community-based organization. It was established in June 1997 by the residents of Khandbari Bazaar with the assistance of a United States Peace Corps volunteer, to address the problem of low literacy in the community. The major goal of the Foundation is to provide quality education to economically disadvantaged children of the Sankhuwasabha District of Eastern Nepal. SESF aims to provide opportunities to all needy children, especially girls from Khandbari and surrounding districts.

2.Our Vision

SESF can impact the lives of youths through:
• Improving the situation of local children through education
• Working towards reducing school dropout rates
• Working towards a more diverse, self-reliant community
• Providing the tools to help increase the literacy rates within the district.
• Reducing the level of social inequalities via educational opportunities.

3.SESF Mission

To provide quality education to economically disadvantaged and disabled children of the Sankhuwasabah District of Eastern Nepal and provide an opportunity for these children to become self reliant.

1. To help the most disadvantaged children in the region, including those with disabilities, to receive a quality education

5.Our Programs:

1. Individuals Sponsorship program. Donors can select a child to be sponsored through SESF for his/ her education. The sponsored children will receive education on a private English school as well as the government school or Himalaya Higher Secondary School Khandbari. They receive school dress, school monthly fees, school stationery, medical treatment and food when needed etc. Above 30 poorest children have been sponsored through SESF to different school of Khandbari area.

2. Our Orphanage support program. Since 2008 SESF also has decided to support Khandbari Orphanage entitled Child Welfare Home Khandbari to provide care and education for the orphaned children in our region. We would like to help the orphanage with our own means as well as by promoting sustainable eco-tourism in the district. The blogsite of the orphanage is, Please visit this site for more information about the orphanage or contact for more information.

3.Our Eco-tourism program “Sankhuwasabha”is the name of one of the hilly districts of eastern Nepal. The district is located in the eastern development region. The district is named after "Sankhuwa" and "Sabhaya" two biggest streams which are famous for delicious fish. Mt. Makalu (8463 meter, the fifth highest mountain in the world), which is considered as one of the most beautiful mountain in the world, is situated in the northern part of district and dominates the northern horizon. The district is known for Arun Valley (457 metre) the lowest land in the world Makalu Barun National park and Buffer Zone area (1500 km2 ) which has become one of the most attractive tourists destination for more than 15 years, was established in 1992 by the Makalu Barun Conservation Project and Department of National park and Wild Life Conservation of the Government of Nepal. The Park is world famous for bio diversities, and unique wonders exotic plants and animals such as orchids, rhododendrons, snow leopards, red pandas. It is a paradise for naturalists. There are spectacular display of wild flowers and exotic plants, more than 3000 species of flowering plants with hundreds of orchid varieties 48 primroses, and 25 of Nepal's rhododendron decorate the hillsides with colors. We can find 19 kinds of bamboos, 25 kinds’ rhododendrons. 67 kinds of herbs including rare invaluable herbs like yarsagumba,Padanchal Pakanbed , 440 kinds of birds, 150 kinds of butterflies, and 50 kinds of mammals in the district. The forest shelters varieties of wildlife, including the endangered pandas.

These different things prove that our district is rich in eco tourism resources. We can develop in all spheres of life in the district by utilizing all these things. Because of natural cultural and bio diversities, the district has been one of the popular places for tourist's attraction. For more than 50 years about 1000 tourists from different countries around the world have been coming to trek from Tumlingtar to Mt. Makalu Base camp. It is about 20 days’ trekking.

We think by promoting ecotourism in the area and developing tourism packages for tourist’s profits can be made. A portion of the profit can be spent to help the orphanage as well as other educational institution. SESF wants to do this in cooperation with the District Tourism Coordination Committee (DTCC) Nepal tourism board (NTB) Reputed Travel Agents and Volunteers. DTCC will work for infra structure, NTB will promote the tourism SESF (in coordination with the NABUUR) will advertise the tourism products and the travel Agent will organize the trekking/ traveling excursion.

Recently we have tasted our non formal tea house Trekking based on the eco tourism. It has been completely successful. Please visit the site for complete details that I have posted.

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