Rural Exchange New Zealand

Rural Exchange New Zealand (RENZ) has been operating since 1995, and has been the means by which hundreds of young people from many different countries have been able to enjoy a rural working adventure across the world.

We bring young overseas workers in to New Zealand, send young Kiwis workers abroad, and work with partners and hosts to ensure safety and comfort. 

RENZ works with a large network of co-operating partners in many countries, all engaged in a similar activity -  that of making it possible for young people to broaden their horizons through overseas experiences.

We work closely with our partners to:

  • Screen suitable trainees and hosts
  • ​Find and organise work placements
  • Provide access to the Government-approved work permits
  • Assist with documentation for issue of visas 
  • Ensure Government-required medical insurance regulations are complied with
  • Co-ordinate airport arrival pickups, initial accommodation if necessary, and internal transport to host farms
  • Liaise with hosts and trainees during placements
  • Provide counselling and back-up in case of problems
  • Organise social opportunities for trainees to socialise, and encourage inter-action and relationship building between trainees in order to foster international friendships and co-operation

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