WANTED: independent, entrepreneurial and adventurous people to join us in the jungle!

Invitation for Volunteers:

With Runa’s unique combination of environmental, social, and business aspects in its work, volunteers receive a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of a budding social enterprise. The focus of the volunteer program is working on Runa’s new Conservation, Training, and Research Center outside of Puyo, Ecuador. Volunteers will work primarily in our diverse nurseries of organically managed tree and fruit species, and assist our technicians and engineers in the creation and maintenance of organic agroforestry plots. All volunteers also partner with our field technicians to visit individual family farms, participate in cultural exchange events and guayusa tea ceremonies, and have the opportunity to develop their own research projects.


* Basic Spanish required (although Intermediate to Advanced level of Spanish is highly recommended)
* Independent, entrepreneurial spirit
* Good health and physical fitness (due to level of outdoor work)
* Interest in Ecuadorian indigenous culture, agroforestry, sustainable development, and / or organic gardening

Accommodations & Food

Runa’s research station has a newly renovated home for volunteers, with the capacity for six people, including a live-in volunteer coordinator. The house has indoor cold showers, and well maintained composting toilets.

Lunch and dinner will be provided daily by a local mother who lives on the property with her husband, who serves as a 24-hour guard and groundskeeper. Granola, eggs, and other breakfast foods are available in the volunteer house for self-service.

Planning & Coordination

A Quito-based volunteer coordinator provides trip coordination, including airport pickup, and an on-site American volunteer coordinator lives on the research site full time and coordinates all volunteer activities.

The Research Center in Fatima is conveniently located off of a major interprovincial bus route and is a convenient 30 minutes away from Puyo, the capital of the province of Pastaza.


$100 per week (includes 3 meals per day M - F, program coordination, housing, and pre and post trip support).

For volunteers with higher levels of Spanish, relevant background experience, and who are willing to stay for at least 2 months, discount payment structures can be offered.


Volunteers are welcome to stay for a minimum of one week and as long as six months. Small groups are welcome as well.


For students and professionals with technical skills in agroforestry management, carpentry, plant-biology research or other applied fields, special discounted long-term arrangements can be made. Research and Development internships can also be based out of our house-office in Archidona, Ecuador. This slighlty more urban jungle site is more suited for interns with specific skills in strategitic planning, organizational management and cultural research. Internships are arranged on an individual basis by contacting our volunteer coordinator. Interns are expected to be exceptionally independent self-starters who will propose and execute their own projects according to Runa's needs. 2 months is the minimum suggested duration for an internship.

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