Royal Diamond Orphanage Home

We exist to provide support and care for vulnerable and at-risk children. These kids may have living parents or family who are not currently able to care for them. 

We uphold these core values in our own work and promote them in the nonprofit sector as a whole. They represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.

  1. Innovation
  2. Integrity and accountability
  3. Outstanding service
  4. Excellent stewardship
  5. Sustainability

Royal Diamond Orphanage is a not-for-profit Organization founded in (2013) by Mr. Favour Ogunyemi to provide humanitarian and compassionate assistance to the children who are orphans and probably have no home living on the streets. Royal Diamond is duly registered with CAC and has a Board of Trustees. The office is situated at Lagos and our pilot project is to reach out to the children living rough and homeless all-round the street of Lagos.


Mission Statement

Royal Diamond Orphanage is an organization that’s set up to reflect God’s heart by caring for and improving the lives of orphans in Nigeria. We recognize that every child is important and that God is calling us to help the most vulnerable of these. We work to provide loving care for orphans and pray they will all have a family of their own one day.


Vision Statement

With this mission in mind, we will strive towards these goals:

  • To obtain funding for programs to help each child in our care.
  • To advocate for these children to find loving adoptive homes.
  • To provide the best possible physical and emotional care to the children we support.
  • To maximize every donation received in order to benefit the children in our care.
  • To increase awareness of the orphan and the reality that each child, regardless of physical or medical handicap, is uniquely created and deserves to be treated as such.
  • To ask for prayers for God’s guidance and prayers for the children.
  • To help reduce the scourge of homeless children.



  • Provide a platform that successfully re-unites one hundred homeless children with their care givers 
  • Provide shelter for the homeless children that have no care giver hence no home
  • Provide Educational/ Vocational training opportunity for homeless children
  • Provide support to the low income earning family/caregiver of the homeless child


Our Approach

  • Outreach
  • Counseling
  • Health checks
  • Rehabilitation/ Intervention

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