Help Save, Document, and Study the Endangered Shamanic Rock Art Paintings of Tanzania!

Concealed in rock shelters along East Africa’s Great Rift Valley in central Tanzania are thousands of mysterious red rock paintings. Dating from 29,000 to an estimated 50,000 years ago, they echo back to the dawn of art and religion. The human, animal, and geometric motifs are not depictions of any earthly subjects or events. Instead, they are records of numerous out-of-body journeys taken by ancient Tanzanian Bushman shamans into the supernatural spirit realm during altered states of consciousness induced by all-night ritual dancing and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Small groups of volunteers can arrange to stay at our premises for periods ranging from a weekend to several months. During their stay volunteers take part in all the activities of the project . The property also affords opportunities for adventure hikes into the wilderness area and there are many of interest to visit among hundreds of Rock Art Sites; like nearby National Park Tarangire, Mount Hanang and other Tanzanian famous National Parks like Mt.Kilimanjaro, Serengeti etc.

Unfortunately, these highly important images are being destroyed at an alarming rate by natural erosion created by land-clearing activities and, worst of all, escalating human vandalism ranging from graffiti to the dynamiting and illegal excavation of rock art sites in search of fabled buried treasure.

Volunteers will assist the Principal Archaeologist and other staff in the following hands-on learning activities:

1) Locating and documenting rock art sites using maps and GPS devices and photo-documenting rock paintings for digital enhancement, conversion into solid line drawings, and inclusion in the Center’s digital archive.

2) Conducting taped, filmed, and translated interviews with Sandawe Bushman elders who are practicing shamans familiar with the ancient rituals, mythology, and rock painting tradition.

3) Developing Powerpoint slide presentations of the rock paintings in English and Kiswahili for Tanzanian school teachers, Tanzanian government ministries, The Association of Tanzanian Tour Operators, The Tanzanian Tourist Bureau, international visitors, and the Center’s traveling exhibition.

4) Volunteers with experience in public speaking, sales & marketing, and teaching can prepare and present programs to some of the aforementioned groups.

5) Volunteers having advance training or experience in anthropology, archaeology, or art history can assist the Principal Archaeologist in describing and interpreting newly documented rock art images.

6) Volunteers with arts and crafts experience can assist in creating his unique handmade papers on with the rock art prints are silk-screened.

If you are interested, and feel that you have relevant skills and proficiency, please contact us. Even if your talents and areas of interest are not specifically covered, we welcome you to participate in the project’s total system as a volunteer. Contact us, we are very open.

Individuals over 18 interested to volunteer at Rock Art Conservation Centre are invited to apply for one to three month stays. Longer-term stays which give the opportunity to take in the whole project and ecosystem are encouraged.

Please contact us for more information if you have a group that wishes to volunteer for 5-15 day intensive projects. Teenage groups are welcome only with chaperones and facilitators.

Travel arrangements, visas, health and travel insurance, etc., are the responsibility of the participant. Upon application you will be provided with full details.

If you would like to come as a volunteer, our charges are $240.00 per week, or $900.00 per month, which covers all food, accommodation and utilities.
Payment fees are due 4 weeks prior to arrival.
We will send you information about payment information

VISA information
In Tanzania you have to pay class c visa to volunteer the fee is $ 150 for visa and it must be applied before arrival, we will send you documents needed to fill.
How to apply
Firstly, contact us by email with a brief, but thorough statement about yourself, your age, and how you feel that you can contribute to this project, as well as how you expect to benefit from it. Let us know your skills, talents, interests, websites, etc.

Costs / Pay

If you would like to come as a volunteer, our charges are $240.00 per week, or $900.00 per month, which covers all food, accommodation and utilities.
Payment fees are due 4 weeks prior to arrival.

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