Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (RWRC)

Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (RWRC) near Letsitele in the Limpopo Province of South Africa was established to accommodate and provide temporary sanctuary for wildlife

... casualties, rehabilitate them to a point of self-support and the ultimate release and introduction into nature where they naturally belong. Scientifically based vervet monkey (Cercophitecus aethiops) and other wildlife rehabilitation that started at the end of 1992 at another location was transferred and introduced at RWRC during 1995.

Stop dreaming about working with animals, join our volunteer program now and become part of the 'Riverside Family'. Meet people who have returned to Riverside to work with the animals. Have fun and make new friends whilst assisting with animal care and rehabilitation.

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Experience the satisfaction of nursing injured animals back to health. Learn about animal care and husbandry. You might even be one of the fortunate few who can take part in a release of rehabilitated animals. Become one of a dedicated team working according to RWRC standards in the rehabilitation program.


Volunteers from all over the world have been assisting with the daily running of RWRC since 2002. Without the help and enthusiasm for what gets done at Riverside it would have been much more difficult to continue with all daily routines and maintenance at RWRC.
Meet new friends who share your passion for animals and create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

It is impossible to guarantee that volunteers will work with/handle more than monkeys and baboons when at the centre, but... as we are getting more and more different species of animals/birds in, it is difficult to predict what we’ll actually handle while they are here! At times we receive monkeys from other centers, the government and the NSPCA - which means that we could receive groups of 25+!
We hope to be able to release at least two troops of rehabilitated monkeys back to the wild per year, and there is a lot of organization, research and monitoring involved in this.

Volunteers must realize that there is a lot more to operating rehabilitation centre than just feeding and cleaning and handling animals, here they are also involved in the maintenance and construction of the centre! As a volunteer you are a part of our organization. By working you will have a learning experience with all daily routines at a rehabilitation centre; including hands-on work with animals at RWRC.

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