Riseglobe is an educational and hospitality organisation offering an optimal environment for students to study online. 

The program is guided by self knowledge, global perspective and purpose. It is available for gap year and online students. A 3 months immersion in the brazilian culture, online knowledge or portuguese classes, personal development workshops and a great opportunity to put in action new skills for a purposeful cause.

With a well selected team, we designed a product to provide high-quality enhanced learning: Rise Semester; our 3 month educational program for international students from who are taking an educational path through remote learning. Whilst completing their university or professional course, students are taken through a process of personal growth, life skills and academic support, all set in an optimal experiential learning environment.

By participating in Rise Semester, students will acquire self-discipline, the tools for a healthy lifestyle, their theoretical knowledge and learn by doing by launching a real life social impact project, making international connections and the developing the power to make a significant change in the world.


Our Program

Rise Semester is a 3 months program developed to increase your optimal growth combining a stimulating environment, online courses, personal development activities and workshops, a social innovative project to start within Rosemary Dream center as well as a real brazilian cultural immersion experience. You will discover an environment with goal setting, workshops, inspiring people, well organized logistics, facilities and living conditions to optimize your learning space.



Embrace life while completing an important step in your education. Start the day strong with an inspiring morning routine. Use the mountain, jungle, beach or ocean as your playground. You are what you eat. Fresh consciously cooked breakfast awaits to every morning. Choose a healthy habit that you can bring back home. Take responsibility of your learning; jump in the kitchen and give a hand. Share your experiences with others. Absorb life insights from other's experiences. Go out of your comfort zone: try something new!

You will be invited to try a fresh way of life inside Rosemary center free of alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy; rich in human connections, environmental consciousness and self expression.

Activities can include:

  • Jungle adventures
  • Family gatherings
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Dancing nights
  • Hiking



To better develop your human and professional skills, a wide range of personal development and life skills workshops will be organized throughout the course of the semester. Those workshops will help you to empower yourself by developing self-discipline and self-belief, will help you to clarify your life orientation, as well as developing practical skills you may bring in your future professional life, therefore reinforcing your employment opportunities.

Workshops may include:

Life skills set:

  • Public speaking
  • Permaculture
  • Design thinking
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship

Personal growth:

  • Discover your values and talents
  • Subconscious mind
  • Talking from the heart and overcoming social fears
  • Authentic connections
  • Self discovery
  • Brain and neurosciences.


Action Taking Project

How often have you been thinking your university courses lack of hand-on application of theoretical knowledge and skills development? One of Riseglobe program essential's focus is to tackle this challenges by giving you the opportunity to learn by doing. During the program, with your peers, you will create your own social or environmental positive impact project within Rosemary Dream center and learn life skills through experiential learning.

Workshops will be organized for you to acquire all the practical skills and tools required for launching your project. Your project may answer some of the following issues:

  • Implementation of water recovery systems
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Economic development of social business
  • Social and environmental impact measurement


Cultural Immersion

Colorful beautiful Brazil... the sparking eyes of locals at the start of a football game or the sound of their vibrant music. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the Brazilian culture. Settled in an authentic fisherman village, early in the morning we may see men sailing out in the ocean for another big day of work. At night the music turns up and the village starts dancing. Every season: a different charm. Brazil never stops surprising us!


Language Classes

Followed by the colonization of Brazil by Portugal, Portuguese is the most spoken language in the country. A weekly language class will be offered for you to be better immersed in the Brazilian culture by socialising with the locals and understanding their world. During free time, you will have the chance to put in to practice your knowledge through speaking with everyone from fishermen to coffee shop baristas.


Culture Experience:

A variety of cultural experiences and activities will be provided throughout the semester. Among others, you will have the opportunity to experience a full day's fishing on the Atlantic ocean with Barra da Lagoa's fishermens. You will as well have the chance to experience a Temazcal, an ancestral tradition representing rebirth.

Duration / Dates

Early September until end of December. The arrival/ departure dates are flexible

Costs / Pay

2000 US $ per month

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