Rhino Fund Uganda

Rhino Fund Uganda

RFU was established in 1997 as a non-governmental organization (NGO) to help rhino conservation efforts.

It was set up to repopulate Uganda with wild rhinos in the future. Both rhinoceros breeds, black and white, are globally endangered. In 1983, both black rhinos and northern white rhinos declared extinct throughout Uganda. Therefore, our purpose is to return rhinos, a vital aspect of both environmental and cultural heritage, back into Uganda, through our breeding and release program.

Located in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the 7 000 hectares of savannah and woodlands has provided us with land for the rhinos. Owned by Captain Joe Roy, a Ugandan citizen, a land usage license has been agreed to give us sole usage rights for thirty (renewable) years.

Rhino Fund Uganda has the responsibility of looking after the wellbeing of the only wild rhino in all of Uganda. Four of these rhino were bought from Solio Ranch in Kenya by Rhino Fund Uganda (with donor funding), two were donated by Disney Animal Kingdom USA and the rest are calves that were conceived and born naturally on Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Our sole objective is to protect, repopulate and ultimately reintroduce these wonderful animals back into the National Parks of Uganda.

With your help, we can fight the rhino poachers and those that encourage such destructive behaviour.

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