Rural Education Volunteer and Social Development Programme (REVSODEP) it is a Ghanaian registered nonprofit making organization headquartered in Tamale the regional capital of the Northern Region.

Our Mission:
To collaborate with likeminded people and organization to alleviate poverty and diseases in Ghana.

Our Vision:
A society of people living dignified lives.  

Strategic Objectives:
This is directed by the diverse background of our staffs understanding of the geography, economic and socio-cultural context of Northern Ghana. As a well-focused organization, we have decided to think “ Big “and “start small “and move more strategically (with speed) where we and our collaborators are capable and progressive towards our guided vision.

Core Values:
Honesty, Respect, Transparency, Timeliness, value for money, integrity, accessibility, dignity, experience, commitment and interest, innovation,  relationship building and regular dialogue.


Our Projects

Water and Sanitation:
We develop and deliver appropriate and affordable water and sanitation facilities of all forms to promote communities access to water and sanitation facilities.

Agriculture and Environment:
We collaborate with our partners to disseminate and evaluate new technologies in agriculture and support agrarian economies to improve agriculture and food security.  We facilitate communities to use conservation and sustainable methods to maintain the flora and fauna of the environment.

Health and Nutrition:
We collaborate to support health institutions to deliver quality health services and research into more affordable nutritional supplements to deprived communities for improved health status.

Gender and Education:
We promote accountability, transparency and education for all irrespective of gender with teaching learning materials as well as volunteer teachers for quality education in deprived communities across the Northern Ghana.

Advocacy and Governance:
We advocate and champion issues that affect the deprived and vulnerable in society particularly unfriendly policies and to ensure that people have adequate access to life supporting systems as citizens of the world. 

Volunteer and Cultural Exchange Programme:
We support volunteer exchange programmes from other countries to serve as teachers, health personnel and other areas of technical support to our rural and deprived constituents to fosters coexistence and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Cross Cutting Themes:
These include, child protection, HIV Aids, research, care for people with disabilities and the marginalized.

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