Reserva Ecológica Guáquira

Reserva Ecologica Guáquira occupies the major part of an Hacienda in North Western Venezuela that covers 3100 ha of land ranging from 140m, up to 1450m above sea level, in which some 350ha are dedicated to the production of cocoa, maize, plantain, sweet potato, sugar cane, teak, bamboo and some cattle.

The rest of the land is mostly natural tropical forest cover, including a cloud forest cover at the highest elevations.

The Ecological Reserve was founded in 2004. Since then, we have had recurrent help from local university students doing field work and research but also occasional help from biology students from Spain and from Germany (nine from Spain and two from Germany, which can be asked for an appraisal of their experiences). 

We have plans to grow in our activities ande feel it is time to dedicate some effort to cultivate more solid interest from European volunteers and build strong ties. 

We are located a few minutes away from Yurubí national park and María Lionza Natural monument, two very interesting neighbouring mountain protected areas. We are also only one hour away from the north central Venezuelan caribbean coast where Morrocoy and San Esteban coastal national parks and Cuare wildlife refuge are located.

Visits to nearby national parks and volunteer projects with the National Park System areas are an interesting added possibility due to our strategic geographical location.

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