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A conservation assignment is the definitive life changing experience. We offer dedicated individuals the chance to make a real difference in South African wildlife conservation.

Our placements range from 4-12 weeks, giving you the opportunity to become involved in a wide variety of wildlife research and community projects as part of your volunteer assignment.

Volunteer assignments are based with the Ingwe Leopard Project research team. The Ingwe Leopard Project was founded in 1999 to conduct much needed research into the behavior of leopards and
other predators such as hyena, caracal, civet, honey badger and serval in a wide research zone. As a volunteer your financial contribution and support will help the Ingwe Leopard Project to make a real difference in South African Conservation.

The following assignments are available:
Ingwe Leopard Project volunteer assignment. A minimum four week assignment living and working in the African bush. You will train with us, learning basic bush skills, field craft, wildlife tracking, spoor
recognition, how to set and use camera traps and a variety of other abilities from world renowned experts. Once trained you will assist with ongoing wildlife research under the guidance of our team leaders.

Field Guide appreciation training. We can now also offer field guide appreciation training for those who would like an introduction to the world of African wildlife Game Ranger or Guide.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Student Programme. Only available to volunteers who have joined us as a volunteer assignment with the Ingwe Leopard Project. You will be involved in the day to day operations of the Rehab centre gaining hands on experience working with a variety of African wildlife from Lion and Cheetah to Rhino and Vultures.

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