Rescue Community Foundation Uganda

RECOFU (Rescue Community Foundation Uganda) is a certified non-governmental organization on the edge of Kampala, Uganda, which exists to curb the further spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the livelihoods of those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community.

RECOFU started as RWEYOWA (Rescue Widows, Elderly, Youth and Orphans With AIDS) in 2003. As our role in serving the community has evolved and broadened over time, we have recently rebranded to RECOFU to better reflect the organisation’s purpose.



All volunteers are welcome! 

Individuals and groups of up to 6 people are welcome to volunteer with us here in Uganda. You can also volunteer from your home country by mobilising materials for our vulnerable people, fundraising to strengthen our intervents as well as strengthening RECOFU’s international friendship/partnership.

Volunteers should:

  • Be eighteen years and above
  • Be able to speak and write English
  • Be willing to volunteer for not less than two weeks
  • Have no criminal records
  • Be willing to interact with local people of different cultural/religious backgrounds
  • Be willing to work under RECOFU’s operational principles

RECOFU requests volunteers in order to:

  • Adapt and integrate modern technologies from advanced economies to our developing communities
  • Build the capacity of the organization
  • Minimize the related costs of administration i.e. salaries / wages
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery
  • Ensure cultural exchange
  • Create international friendship / partnership

Ideally a volunteer should have some of the following skills:

  • A good level of spoken and written English
  • Computer literacy
  • Communication skills
  • Proposal and report writing
  • Fundraising / Resource acquisition
  • Research skills

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers are able to choose the activities and programmes they are most interested in and tailor their experiences to their personal requirements. Alternatively volunteers may wish to get experience in various different areas of operation, and could be involved in a number of activities, e.g. HIV/AIDS sensitization, outreach programmes and caring for sufferers, fundraising and research. Those interested in teaching would also have the opportunity of teaching in one or two of our partner schools.

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