We offer heritage restoration volunteer projects, technical courses, long-term volunteering opportunities in France.

Union REMPART is divided into member associations, which organise more than 200 volunteer work initiatives, known as chantiers. Every year chantiers all over France draw more than 3 000 volunteers, around 25% of whom come from abroad.


Volunteer With Rempart

A REMPART workcamp brings together volunteers from a variety of backgrounds to realize /take part in an action of general interest around/centered on heritage. A REMPART workcamp is also an original way to spend holidays and create lifelong memories!


Workcamps for everyone, at/of all ages

REMPART workcamps are open to everyone, without condition of diploma or experience (except specific cases). No qualifications or experience are required Children (from age 8) and teenagers are welcomed/taken/accepted on stays specifically designed for them. The rhythm/intensity and the nature of the activities are adapted to their age, and outside of work activities have a great importance (sports, heritage discovery, creative activities, …).

Our stays comply with the regulations concerning the reception of minors (supervision, accommodation …). From the age of 18, you will take part in so-called “adult” projects ; most often these projects have no upper age limit. You have no reason to think you are “too old”! Some workcamps can also welcome/take families. If you’re interested in such a stay, contact REMPART (01 42 71 96 55). Ou : Anyone interested in ….


Workcamps in France and around the world

Workcamps in France are organized by local associations, all members of the REMPART Union. They all respect the Charter and the ethics of REMPART, as well as the legislation and regulation on heritage preservation and archeology.

The site manager, who represents the local association, will tell you everything you need to know about the logistics : accommodation, how to get to the camp, what to bring, the number of volunteers, … He or she is also the person you can inform about any special needs (food restrictions, …).

The workcamps in France welcome volunteers of all nationalities. The workcamps outside from France are organized by our foreign partners ; they respect local legislation and their spirit is close to REMPART’s own./their outlook is broadly the same as REMPART’s. They’re/Workcamps are mostly designed/primarily intended for French adult volunteers (over 18). In Belgium and Italy, some workcamps welcome/accept volunteers from age 16 or 17. You must however keep in mind that you will have to organize your transportation yourself.

Some workcamps abroad are only bi-national. Others bring together volunteers of many different nationalities. REMPART will be your contact for inscription/registration and administrative work. You will then be invited to get in touch with the local site manager to organize your stay : times of arrival, what to bring, …


Duration and conditions of the stay

Most workcamps last about 2 weeks. You can also find longer or shorter projects, during the summer or even open all year around. You can also find weekend workcamps. Most of the time, full-board is included.

Accommodation is organized for the group, and meals are prepared and eaten together (see Participation Fees). The type of accommodation is described for each workcamp (tent, dorms, …). If comfort is an important factor, discuss it with the site manager before signing up. If you live close to a workcamp site and wish to go home in the evening, feel free to discuss it/this with the site manager.


The course of a workcamp / What happens on a workcamp ?

The general atmosphere, the number of working hours and of volunteers differ from one camp to another. The progress of the work also depends on the weather, the group dynamics, technical imperatives, local habits and culture, … A workcamp always combines voluntary work and discovery of a region. The atmosphere is important, after all, you’re on vacation ! Generally, teenagers work approximately 25h/week, and adults 35h/week. Outside of working periods, a variety of activities can be organized according to the location of the workcamp, the possibilities of moving, and the desires of the group : visits, hikes, bathing, sports, … Important! The program of the workcamp is only an indication and must sometimes be adapted/ and is subject to alteration.


How does the group function?

According to the principle of secularism, REMPART welcomes everyone with their ideas, political opinions, religious or philosophical choices. Individual demands must remain compatible with the global functioning of the group. If this is of importance to you, do not hesitate to discuss the matter with the site manager before signing up. The site manager can decide to expel a volunteer if their integration within the group poses a major concern.

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