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We connect communities that want to improve their lives and their environment with passionate people from around the world who want to take positive action.

With our local and international volunteers, project partners, local communities, funders, and 40,000 previous volunteers, we form a global community who are passionate about working together to build a sustainable future.

Find the courage. Open to discovery. Never give up. Act with integrity. Create impact together. What do these all have in common? These are not just values on a website. They are values lived and breathed by our volunteers, project partners, community members and supporters. They define our unique way of working and help us to create a global community working to build a sustainable future.

If you share these values, then why not get involved by volunteering with us. We’ve got two different programmes and a variety of roles. To ensure safe and impactful delivery of our programmes we also need volunteer managers and leaders to lead and support our programmes. We have a variety of roles available depending on your age and experience.

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Raleigh International Reviews

An incredible opportunity to build confidence and gain life skills!!!

I went on a 10 week expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with Raleigh International in February 2014 and the experience undoubtedly made me the person I am now!

Prior to going on expedition I was quite shy and lacked confidence, I had gone through school with only a small group of friends feeling like I didn't quite fit in- I was in no way ready to start university so I decided to take a gap year and volunteer with Raleigh International. An expedition with Raleigh will push you out of your comfort zone and give you the chance to experience cultures and customs that you are unlikely to experience in any capacity as a tourist.
I had the chance to do some conservation work in a national park in the north of Costa Rica before travelling to one of the poorest parts of Nicaragua to build a gravity water fed system for a local community. I finished my expedition with a 350km trek through all kinds of landscapes in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Every phase of my expedition taught me vital life skills such as team work, communication skills, problem solving and resilience to name just a few! I returned from expedition a far more well rounded and confident person!
3 years after my expedition I look back on my Raleigh expedition as one of the best experiences of my life and I know I will do so for years to come! I am now an alumni speaker at information events for the charity and my academic tutor at university has told me that my Raleigh International experience makes my CV stand out head and shoulders above that of my peers as Raleigh is viewed very highly by employers.

If you are considering applying to do a Raleigh expedition don't hesitate any further- APPLY NOW!!! You will absolutely not regret it!

(On a side note they also do expeditions to Nepal, Tanzania and Malaysian Borneo)

By: Sophie Rhodes
Nationality: British
Age: 22

'Life-changing' is not a exaggeration for this experience

First off I want to explain that Raleigh is not voluntourism. It's volunteering abroad in rural areas where you will live like a local, and that can sometimes be tough, but mostly be humbling and eye opening. I did two expeditions, Nepal and Borneo as the Expedition Photographer and Volunteer Manager role.
I would recommend Raleigh to anyone who wants to genuinely make a difference whilst also developing as a human being. It has its challenges but you overcome them with like-minded wonderful people who you will be friends with for life.
Don't second guess yourself if you're debating on doing it. Sign up, enjoy fundraising for it and go have an experience you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

By: Saoirse C
Nationality: Irish
Age: 27

precious experience,new skills and life changing

i went for 10 week and can say that wasthe most fun and challenging 10 weeksfor me.i've had done so much for past 10 week,i start with the trekking known as the leadership adventure,during this phase we travelled around the crocker range for 17 days..during this time you will learn how to be a leader of your team,in term of leadership this will really help you because you need organise everything for team including time management,job allocation for each member.And one thing this phase is pretty challenging because you need to deal with leeches,river-crossing,insects and the hot weather as well,but its will give the most precious experience of your life.
Other than that i also worked in environmental project in merisuli lahad datu,where we help them to plant a new trees,build a eco-toilet, from this project you will learn about the importance of nature for the human being,from this phase i think that i had learn alot of facts about nature that had change my perspective about nature.
On my last phase,i worked on community project we help to build a clean water dam and toilets in one of rural village in sabah,maybe some of may not know that there still a place in sabah that doesn't have clean water source,so we are trying to help them through the this project,during this project we live in the village fr about 2 and a half week..during my stay i learn alot about their cultures and what they're doing for income.at the end of this project,its bit hard for me to leave this village because it feel like'this is my home',but after all it feel nice because i had contribute something to them that can make their live better..so for your guys out there,what you waiting for..sign up now and get the most precious experience of your life..

By: willjonson J
Nationality: malaysian
Age: 22

A wonderful and uplifting experience!

Being a Project Manager in Borneo for Raleigh International was a beautiful, fulfilling experience. I was responsible for the care and well being of 12 young adults, all of whom I still keep in contact with today! I am a graduate in Environmental Biology, and was really looking forward to share my knowledge and field experience with my venturers. These kids were from all around the world, sharing their different stories and backgrounds and cultures, so it was a learning experience for everyone!

I was so excited to embark on this journey, not only in order to add experience in my field, but also to live out of my comfort zone for two months. Trekking and camping in the jungle for a week straight, living off nature and the few things you bring in your backpack is such a rewarding experience. You learn a lot about patience, empathy, leadership, and discover new things about yourself that you can bring to a thriving team.

I was fortunate to have worked on a project in partnership with the Asian Forestry Company Sabah (AFCS) in Coupe 1 in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, an area composed of 70% sustainably logged forest and 30% conservation. We were working to conserve biodiverse areas and further scientific research into the benefits of biodiversity, conducting bird, mammal and amphibian surveys to monitor the level of
biodiversity currently present, and created and maintained the infrastructure of Coupe 1 in order to create better accessibility to visitors, stockholders, and potential supporters. We were lucky to have witnessed the return of a few species of animals after the intense logging back in the 70s, which is a clear indication that all of the effort and work put into these projects portray an amazing outcome!

All in all, if you are looking to do something new and exciting, get your hands dirty, meet new people and make lifelong friends, give back to mother nature, lend a helping hand, build your knowledge base, attain experience in your field, travel, gain some leadership skills, learn about who you are, and find peace, then Raleigh International is non-profit for you!

By: Samantha Dimitraki
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27

An unforgettable experience

Voluteering for 7 weeks in Borneo with Raleigh was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Prior to voluteering with Raleigh I'd never really travelled much, let alone been completely immersed into a different culture. So during my gap year I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and to really make a difference in the world. Raleigh offers all this and more; the range of phases (community and environmental) give you a chance to make an impact in your host country while developping your skills. I helped to repair a kindergarten - which gave me a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the impact a Raleigh project makes upon a community and to ensure that that impact continued on. I then trekked through the jungle, a challenge that pushed me to the limited and showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. That's what Raleigh is all about, pushing you past your preconceived limits. Going on expedition with Raleigh will never be a mistake. Do it.

By: Lottie Middledith
Nationality: British
Age: 23

"The experience of my life"

At the end of the volunteering, one of the leaders told us "when they ask you at home, how it was, I assure to you that you will not have words to describe it", at that moment they seemed to me like simply words in the air; but today I can say that he was completely right.
Being a Raleigh volunteer is not just volunteering and helping, is learning to find yourself, to be a better person, to value everything you have at home and to realize that you can be happy living with a few things, there you will find people; who are from a different culture from yours, but you will love them as a family and this family will support you in good and bad moments. When you miss home, they will try to get you a smile, regardless of the language barrier, and when everyone is back in their country, you will miss the simple gesture of daily embrace.
My cycle was ICS 17T Nicaragua, the project was water and sanitation; so we focused on the construction of compost latrines, water filters and community training on the aforementioned and of course the hygiene itself, my community was called David Tejada and was located in Paiwas, in the department of Matagalpa; I found a second home there; I don’t know if it was because Spanish is my first language or the fact that our cultures are so similar respect the family; but without exaggeration I felt at home. Like everything in this life, we had our ups and downs; many times we didn’t know what to do for the community to attend our meetings, but at the end everything went well and just seeing the children's smiles we were satisfied.
Anyway, as the title says it was "the experience of my life", and without a doubt I would do it again.

By: Paula Seas
Nationality: Costa Rican
Age: 18

Do it!!!

I spent 10 weeks in Nicaragua during the summer of 2016 and i don't regret one second of my experience.

At the beginning, i was a nervous wreck as i hadn't ever left the country on my own but i was so excited to get to work and make a difference out there. Although i didn't get the type of practical skills i expected (i.e build latrines), we did so many other alternative things alongside our wonderful community members such as building a plant nursery and helping 2 locals create a business building/selling latrines etc.

I came to Nicaragua with just myself and left with a new family, a new group of friends from all over (Nicaragua/Costa Rica/UK/Lithuania/Croatia), a new sense of confidence in my abilities and a bigger thirst for travel. If you're delibating about going, stop and just apply!

By: Najma Salan Hassan
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Once in a life time

I did ICS program with Raleigh International Nepal more than a year ago in June 2016. Through out the placement period of three months I learned a lot about my self. I had a great experience working in a community with volunteers from Nepal and UK. I won't say I had a smooth ride during the placement period there were different challenges in different situations which helped me learn and overcome any challenges. If I had not done this program I would not have been a person I am today. I feel confident and able to take on any challenges that lies ahead of me. I would really encourage the youth to take part in this program as you can learn and gain so much life skills through out the period. I really value the experience that I had with Raleigh I won't say everyone will have the same experience but I would like to see people taking up these challenges and explore different possibility.

By: Samir Baidya
Nationality: Nepali
Age: 27

Raleigh is for everybody, everyone’s skills can contribute to the projects success.

In 2016 January I was accepted on a ICS (International Citizen Service) programme with Raleigh International. My 10 week project was based in Nicaragua, Central America but there is many other places that you can choose to go to like Tanzania and Nepal. Visit Raleigh International to find more information about these destinations and their work.

There is several reasons I have chosen Raleigh for my ICS; one of them is the wellbeing of volunteers and the locals, everything they do they ensure everyone who is involved is safe. Another most important reason for myself was that you could clearly see and have access to resources/ information on work that they have done. There is continues blogs that are posted on Raleigh's website that are written by volunteers, who are on current programmes. It's real life work that is shared with everyone openly.

My experience with Raleigh was amazing and tough at the same time. I loved how Raleigh works in partnership with community, local partners and volunteers to meet the goals of the project. You get the support of the local partners who really understand the communities and have the local knowledge; you work collaboratively with the community members to create inclusive environment in the development of the project. This is vital in international development for the locals to understand the change so they could adapt it and for it to be successful long term, after project closure.

We had to deliver training sessions on hygiene and sanitation; we organised several actions days like movie night in rural community, which was very special considering there is one or two TV's in the whole community. We supported the locals in building their business skills, so it would decrease their dependency on agriculture. You also get to be a team leader, which was something scary for me,as I have never done it but you get lots of support and it's a great opportunity to write weekly plans, get some advice from managers and deliver the plan to your team.

Raleigh was full on working 5-6 or even 7 days a week with limited resources, lack of language knowledge and access to internet, at times it was difficult but I would go back and do it again. Raleigh has increased my confidence, I'm more open about my opinion and can say it out loudly, which has been noticed by many people around me. Before I would never consider going on a trip solo but with Raleigh experience, I realised I can do anything I want to, so this year I went on my solo trip to a Turkey and it's very busy capital Istanbul.

I would recommend Raleigh to everyone as everyone’s skills can contribute to the projects success.

You can find more information about my Raleigh journey on my blog, which was written as part of my action at home project:

If you need some advice or information please feel free to contact me. :)

By: Rimante Zagreckaite
Nationality: Lithuanian/British
Age: 22

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