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The Rainforest Information Centre is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests in partnership with the indigenous people and local communities who depend on them.

The Rainforest Information Centre has been a central link in the radical environmental moment for over three decades. Born out of the successful struggle to save the sub-tropical rainforests of New South Wales, Australia (now a World Heritage Area) in 1979-to 1981.

His initial experiences to save rainforests, beginning at Terania Creek, inspired John Seed to establish and lead the organisation in its participation in the struggles to save the temperate rainforests of Tasmania in 1982 (Franklin River Blockade) and the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland in 1983-84 (Daintree Blockade).

Since then the Rainforest Information Centre has been involved in hundreds of campaigns and practical conservation projects in Australia and internationally to protect the Earth and at the same time recognise the legitimate aspirations of Indigenous peoples.  

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