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Our children arrive to us with nothing, no parents, no support ... nothing.

We take in the children who have been abandoned and provide them an instant family. From day one we do all we can to love, feed, house, teach, and care for these children. They have come into our home as babies from 3 days old up to 4 months old. Ours is a constant effort to give a bright radiant future to what was a dark uncertain beginning.

Organized in 1996, our first project has resulted in building a 6,000 square foot group home in the troubled State of Chiapas, Mexico on a five acre fenced in lot that will house 25-30 children. In addition to a strong family setting, this site provides the children with a library, educational and vocational opportunities, growth potential, and room to play and be a kid.

Our projects are ongoing with the foremost emphasis on caring for our children. We have built a playground, with slides, swings and climbing bars. A basketball court that can also serve as a tennis court. A large gazebo, many benches, and sidewalks throughout the area for the children to ride their bikes. We are also in the process of building a carpentry workshop to build furniture for our needs, and to teach the surrounding community woodworking skills.

We have been delighted to include many volunteers in our effort to educate, love, and care for our children. Volunteers have come to stay at our home and work with the children and/or the land for as short a time as a week up to a 6 month stay. They have come from throughout Australia, England, Canada, United States, and Mexico.

A unique quality of our organization, all of our Directors and Management Staff are volunteers. Which means all the money raised for the children goes to the children. This idea is very important to Radiant Futures, founder and president Gloria Call. It was her plan when creating this organization that if a donor contributed a dollar for the children, 100% of the dollar would go to the children and their needs. With the dollar so much stronger than the peso in rural Mexico where we are working, every dollar does make a difference. We are so grateful for the contributions by many to make this effort a success.

We ask that you might be willing to help donate to our very worthy endeavor. As we help children obtain a radiant future with our combined help!

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