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We are a zero-budget non-profit organisation fighting for biodiveristy conservation in South Africa, at the coal face of trying to proclaim 1,800 hectares of wilderness that was once threatened to be mutilated into a sand mine!


Biodiversity + Conservation = Life


We practise what we teach! 


Our organisation is solidly constructed on a resolute integrity: we do not commodimise animals, we do not sell programs on false promises and we do not take valuable livelihood opportunities from local people suffering in poverty, to give to volunteers willingly buying into a manipulated “reality” that utilizes their naivety, self gratification and uneducated dreams.


Quo Vadis Africa lives to serve biodiversity conservation at grassroot level, allowing the programs under QVA to have the highest conservation index available. Our volunteers will contribute to the rehabilitation and the successful protection declaration of an entire ecosystem that ultimately saves hundreds, if not thousands of species - juxtaposition to the plethora of “conservation” projects to save one animal or one species or simply play with animals confined forever to “sanctuaries”. All completely unfocused on the raw truth that without habitat animals simply cease to be!


The Shongweni context is like a beautifully structured spider's web; complex and delicate but strong and resilient, if given the chance.


Shongweni Nature Reserve is located in the Kwazulu-Natal province, specifically in the Ethekwini region of South Africa, 30 minutes from the metropolitan city of Durban and is the heart and home of our work; in turn becoming home to our volunteers during their stay too. The reserve resides within a rural area surrounded by three tribal communities with generational claims to the land; old traditional practises still alive today. Therefore the social pressures on the biodiversity are extremely high as these methods of subsistence take from Shongweni at a demand that exceeds the reserves ability to supply - meaning, in order to stop poaching and save the wildlife here, we must create sustainability for the people too. That is where our volunteers come in!


Each and every one of our volunteers will be battling with the relentless and incredibly rewarding reality of zero-ground conservation work, making the impossible possible alongside us. They’ll be driving our pioneering sustainability initiatives that aim to eradicate human and wildlife conflict, stabilise an ecosystem and enhance community development by addressing the problems that poverty inflicts. Once a balance is struck, then and only then, will we truly save Shongweni Nature Reserve for generations to come. 


The three forces we have at play here: species, habitat and people, represents all the criteria the International Union for Conservation of Nature recognises as significant in developing countries, and as we have sustainability modules that achieve key conservation objectives using IUCN recognised strategies, we are primed for success; only a matter of time before Shongweni Nature Reserve is declared as a protected space. Could you imagine being the reason that happens? We just need to expose our voluntourism to finally drive in the vital funds we need in order to catapult our progress for the protection of this irreplaceable space forward.


The fresh, genuine and integral minds that join us will not only receive an experience that will define their character, strengthen their bones and change their outlook on life, but will also have the unique opportunity to absorb from the mind of a formidable, renown and passionate conservationist, Greg Vogt. A man who has sat at the table with the National Geographic Association, developed the MTN Whale Route which earned a British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award, Raptor Award and a Green Trust Award and bloomed ECASA, the Elephant Care Association of SA dedicated to enhancing the care, welfare and husbandry of these magnificent giants in semi and full captive conditions through scientific research, evaluation and guiding management. Greg will captivate them with his love, views and experiences within conservation, standing on the ground that education MUST play the most vital ingredient in their involvement, hence our special connection to Padova University in Italy.  


And so in closing, we believe that: together we have a rare opportunity to come together in an integral move for the environment, enabling people from all walks of life to be touched by Africa and for Africa to be positively affected by them. Each volunteer left knowing they were part of something real!


“In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” - Baba Dioum


  • Quo Vadis Africa Website - https://www.quovadisafrica.org/
  • Quo Vadis Africa Call To Action - https://youtu.be/qa5BjntAu3Q
  • Quo Vadis Africa Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/quovadisafrica/
  • Conservation Guardian Website - https://www.conservationguardians.africa/

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