Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

The Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of New Zealand's native flora and fauna. 

Nestled on the slopes of the Tutamoe peak in Northland, New Zealand, the sanctuary consists of 100 hectares of regenerating native forest. Views of the ocean, an unexplored forest, and the calls of the kiwi under the bright stars are just some of the many experiences to be had.

This is not the type of place where tour buses stop every hour or so. The Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is located 250km from a crowded city, 50km from the closest supermarket, 2km from the next door neighbour, and at an arm's length from the Milky Way. For us, seeing two cars in a day is a traffic jam and being able to live in the middle of the forest is the ultimate lifestyle. 

Our goal is to protect and extend a vibrant ecosystem while educating others on the importance of conservation. We view ourselves as partners with our volunteers, visitors, community, and the environment.

Each summer we host a small group of international volunteers together with whom we learn, work, and explore our unique rainforest. We offer a number of programs that focus on environmental conservation, sustainable living, and reconnecting with nature in its purest form.

We invite you visit, intern or volunteer in our rainforest and:

  • Learn about the New Zealand forest and birds
  • Learn what it takes to save endangered species
  • Join us in the field and actively participate in the protection of our native species
  • Explore our magical forest
  • Join us for a night walk looking for kiwi and glowworms
  • Relax in one of our suspended tree tents
  • Meet like-minded individuals from around the world
  • Create a closer bond with nature away from "civilization"
  • Learn and experience living off the grid
  • Develop new skills through our internship program


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