PTG International Youth College

PTG International Youth College is a private and independent boarding school for young people ("ungdomshøjskole" in Danish), based at the Tvind campus in western Denmark.

It is an alternative school where young people from different walks of life and nationalities can study, work and live together. The school caters for people aged 17 - 25 years. 


Social responsibility

The school promotes social responsibility and works actively to increase cultural awareness, inclusion and tolerance through cultural actions in the local community, as well as on study trips. The school takes an active part in the work to welcome and integrate young refugees, and participate in volunteer work in the local community.

Some of the students at the schools come from troubled backgrounds and need social support to build a successful future. The school functions as a social community where everybody contributes with their strengths and positive efforts, and receives support in areas where they are lacking. PTG International Youth College at Tvind is hence another kind of “ungdomshøjskole” – actually a unique school with an extraordinary programme and good results.


Study trips – The world is our classroom

The PTG college has a long tradition for study trips and "learning by doing", and has in the last few years travelled in Morocco, Indonesia and Russia as part of the students’ learning experience. The programme for the study trips has three purposes: 

  1. To do good. That it is, to participate actively in a local community project, for the benefit of children and youth.
  2. To learn about the social reality of normal people in the country – stay with families, meet with local youth, visit schools, play sports and so on.
  3. To experience exceptional natural beauty in order to build awareness about Earth’s fantastic natural beauty, and why we need to protect it.


Eco-friendly profile

The school also has a strong eco-friendly profile nature projects and seeks to be CO2 neutral. The Tvind school campus has a wind turbine, and the school experiments with solar panels to become self-sustainable with electricity. Studies about climate change and participation in demonstrations, alternative COP meetings and other actions to promote a green agenda are part of the school’s programme.



The school has the possibility to offer scholarships to students who are socially responsible and who have positive and active personalities. With a scholarship, students get full access to the programme, including board and lodging. 

Preconditions for getting a scholarship are: 

  1. You have to take an active part in the programme and be able to motivate yourself to participate in the daily activities at the school.
  2. You have to accept that the school has a strict policy on drugs. No smoking of hash or use of other drugs is tolerated.
  3. You have to understand that the school has a strict policy on alcohol. No alcohol can be taken while the student is part of the programme.
  4. You are expected to learn Danish.

Scholarships are granted for a period of two years, starting in either January or in August.

The school has the possibility to admit 15 scholarship students, who act as “best buddies” for students who have special needs. Scholarship students have a positive outlook on life, have good social skills and are able to contribute to the programme through their positive participation. No previous experience required. 

Scholarship students can apply to have their school fees covered. Scholarship students need to have a European Union passport.

There is a single enrolment fee of €100 which covers administration costs and exam fees. 


Who chooses PTG?

  • People aged 16 - 25 who would like to try something new for a year or so. A year out to do something extraordinary.
  • Young people who would like to take A’ levels in an alternative way, benefitting from the flexible Danish “HF” system, with mostly oral exams. For a full HF exam, calculate with three years.
  • Youngsters with an interest in social work, who would like some hands-on experience. Living and learning with young people with special needs.
  • Young activists who would like to learn about the green transition in practice and theory, doing something practical to protect our planet against climate change.
  • People wishing to expand their world view, learning Danish in the process, acquiring a number of practical skills and adding interesting experiences on their CV.
  • People who would like to immerse themselves in an international educational community and contribute with their skills and interests.


Admission all year.

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