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Proyecto Horizonte is a non-profit organization located in the community of Ushpa-Ushpa in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The project was founded in 2004 with the mission of fighting poverty and improving human development. Since its establishment Proyecto Horizonte has grown to include a nursery, a school, a health center, microenterprise initiatives, a women's support group, and more. This blog is dedicated to past and current volunteers with the project.

“Proyecto Horizonte” is a community developed program in the settlement “Mineros de San Juan, Ushpa-Ushpa” in the outskirts of Cochabamba. In a little over six years, the project developed from a daycare for 35 children to a full-fledged community development organization with a school and daycare for over 800 children, a modern healthcare center, infrastructure development projects, women’s support and artisan groups, and microfinance operations.

Horizonte became a poster child for privately funded project relying almost fully on private donations offering employment for local people as well as integrating the community in its decision-making. Over 70 employees look after the well being of the children and all the other aspects of the place. The mothers club TANTAKUNA operates the own bakery and started to produce handcraft that is sold in local markets. More and more organizations like to collaborate with Horizonte, like more recently a foundation that works with teenagers and adolescents or a group of volunteers providing eye exams and second hand glasses to the population.

The overall operating “cost per child” is approximately US$ 18/month to which the parents contribute at an increasing pace.

Since 2008, Proyecto Horizonte also has a complete Computer room and has successfully organized computer training for children and adults. In the past two years a volunteer has organized all the classes. We are searching for a new volunteer to continue and further expand the work.

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