Professionals doing good

We are a not for profit based in Cambodia recruiting, place and mentor qualified and skilled professionals.

We help volunteers find ethically responsible and socially conscious organizations (NGOs, social enterprises, responsible businesses) so there can be a lasting impact on the staff and beneficiaries, not just one-off volunteering.

We believe local people are the leaders of their own communities. Sustainable, long-term impact is possible with the right skills in the right place and where possible, they are passed onto local people.

Our mission is to  ensure that all our  volunteer placements are of real value, meet genuine local needs and are sustainable and responsible work.

Professionals doing good is an ethical, responsible not for profit organisations that targets maximum, long-term impact. We believe the sharing of your professional skills in the right place, will effectively support sustainable development in Cambodia.

We personally know, screen and select only responsible organizations who are committed to a clear mission, are already having significant positive impact and ethical practices including child protection, are strong.  

We have  extensive experience in all areas of non-profit enterprises, social businesses and corporate companies. The Pdg team is passionate about supporting you because we have also been professional volunteers here in Cambodia. 

We are based  on the ground, in Cambodia. We are not an on-line, remotely based organization. We know the place, we understand how the country works and we are able to provide a face-to-face full in-country support and advice.

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