PRETOMA is a Costa Rican non-profit NGO founded in 1997.

We are a marine conservation and research organization working to protect ocean resources and promote sustainable fisheries policies in Costa Rica and Central America.

Costa Rica has an image as a conservationist country. Indeed there are many positive laws and regulations on paper in Costa Rica. However, marine conservation is very far behind land conservation here, and furthermore, many of the positive laws and regulations that do exist go unenforced.

As a result, we direct our efforts in the following categories:

1. Direct in the field conservation projects

2. Research and outreach onboard commercial fishing vessels

3. Public awareness and education

4. Litigation and policy advocacy



Have you ever watched a National Geographic special showing hundreds of baby sea turtles fighting their way to the ocean amongst hordes of swarming seagulls and voracious crabs and thought, why doesn't the camera man do something to help them?!? Well, volunteering on Costa Rica's Pacific coast with PRETOMA allows you to take action to help protect and preserve endangered sea turtles and their precious habitat.

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