Porto.Fala is a Portuguese centre for students, workers and visitors from overseas.

Every Portuguese course, every cultural lesson, every service and product we offer at our school, is completely tailored by us from scratch, and as a small school we privilege student oriented content. Our main goal is to make you feel completely at-home at our school, we want to be a cultural connection for you and we treat our students like family! Because of this, our classes are small and don't have more than 10 students at a time (usually less).

We love to teach the Portuguese language and we believe that teaching a language is deeply connected to teaching a culture. Language and culture walk together and the Portuguese language is multi-cultural. We love the concept of Lusofonia - nations and cultures united by their language, a language that unites people from all around the world and make us feel like our family is everywhere!

Join our big Portuguese speaking family, learn Portuguese (in Porto) with us!

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