Point School Puerto Rico

Point School Puerto Rico is a one-of-a- kind, exclusive Hybrid Gap Year Program that supports young adult males, 18-22 years old, who are searching for self-discovery through an experiential and adventure-based curriculum.

Point School Puerto Rico will challenge young men’s self-perceived limitations while providing them with a broader understanding of their personal capabilities, and their ability to succeed. Through this broadened perspective of life opportunities this cultural immersion experience helps young adults develop an increased sense of self competence and confidence. 



Our mission is to provide an exclusive and dynamic gap year program that promotes wellness through an experiential and adventure-based curriculum. 



Each young man will experience a broadening of their perspectives on life and self, resulting in increased competency, continuous personal growth, and a successful emergence into adulthood. 


What is a Hybrid Gap Year?

With all of the components of a traditional gap year program, PSPR is as impressive on a college or professional resume as a traditional gap year, but the hybrid aspect creates another accomplished variable.

PSPR provides young men with intentional and individualized opportunities to develop their positive self-identity, strengths, and intrinsic motivation through strength and skill assessment, goal-setting and accomplishment, and strength-based experiences.

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