Playground Design Masterclass Abroad

The Masterclass Abroad is a design outreach project, presented as a Masterclass in playground design with local and recycled materials through and UJI Studios. 

This as an exciting opportunity to learn on the spot and get hands-on design experience for public space play design. We will spend 10 days with 10 people, learning, designing and building alongside the community to create an amazing new playground!

For this expedition we are designing and building a playground using local and recycled materials in a school in Kolar, India. Using tires, steel and whatever else we can find in and around the site we will design and build something amazing!

This expedition is a hands-on masterclass in playground design using local and recycled materials. It is an opportunity to learn from the best, gain an insight into getting things done in a complex environment without making compromises. We are always actively looking for new ways to engage with communities through play, and this expedition is a way for us to prototype public playground designs, in situ, with real communities.

Right now, 250 million children lack the play their brains need to reach their full developmental potential. We need an enthusiastic team to join us in designing and building this amazing playground.

If you are interested in design, playgrounds, travel or just generally what we do we would love to hear from you. We are currently accepting applications for 10 individuals to work along side us to create something really special! We are pulling together this team of interested participants to pull of this build in India, and are providing this expedition as an opportunity people like you to join us.

This expedition is all about learning while making and contributing to this amazing opportunity for both this specific school, as well as benefiting future communities. This expedition is a platform to learn about design in outdoor public space, and co-creating public play solutions.

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