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PINC International LLC® organizes global study abroad programs and internships specifically designed for young women. Our mission is to add a competitive edge on young women’s resume with international experience.

Our mission is to help bridge the gender gap by giving young women a competitive edge on their resume with international experience. PINC programs are dedicated to developing global citizens through language learning, cultural immersion, building intercultural communication, and personal and professional growth.

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The Perfect Internship Abroad

This internship pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened so many doors for me. My first week alone I learned so many new words in my Spanish class even as a native speaker. I got to travel to so many places on the weekend's, thanks to how central Madrid and Spain are. I traveled to Cuenca, Paris, Barcelona, Valencia, Dublin, Tunisia, and Ibiza. My internship was honestly the best work experience I've ever had because they understood my needs, treated me like family and I learned so much. The last week of workshops was also a big eye-opener because we got to analyze our weaknesses, strengths, and goals. Overall, this program was one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Once I came back from Madrid I was able to land two internships in just one and a half week of being back home. I now work at both and I swear it wouldn't have been possible without the experience I gained this summer.

By: Gisel Olivares
Nationality: Dominican/American
Age: 26

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