Our Pilotlighters come from a huge range of backgrounds - our Pilotlight teams thrive on this diversity.

In a Pilotlight survey of over 40 business leaders who would like to get involved in charities, we found some critical factors standing in their way and stopping them from donating their skills:

* Not knowing how or where to apply their efforts most effectively
* Not knowing what real difference they could make
* An overriding feeling that they have little time to spare and none to waste

What skills are we looking for?

Here is a list of just some of the areas of expertise our Pilotlighters have:

* Strategic Planning
* Financial Management
* Risk Assessment
* Legal
* Information Technology
* Income Diversification
* Operational Management
* Governance
* Board Management
* Leadership
* Change Management
* Marketing
* Human Resources

This list is not exhaustive; there may be other specialist skills you can donate. If you have thought strategically and have led teams and/or projects it is likely that you will be a great Pilotlighter.

Please contact us if you would like an informal discussion about your experience and how it may fit in a Pilotlight team.
How do I join?

Your first step is to contact us to arrange an informal meeting with one of our Membership team. In this meeting they will tell you more about how Pilotlight works and ask you about your skills. They will also ask you if have any charity cause preferences.

If we both agree that Pilotlight is for you, you will be accepted to Pilotlight and invited to a new member induction upon receipt of your member donation. Pilotlight is a registered charity and is sustainable on member donations ? the minimum donation to us for an individual membership to Pilotlight is £1,300 per annum. Your donation enables us to work with more charities and help more disadvantaged people.

We will then contact you to offer you a place on a suitable project team when one becomes available. Then you will begin Pilotlighting.

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