Personalized Spanish

Personalized Spanish - an Award Winning Language School
for people serious about learning Spanish

We are a small, boutique Spanish school, which allows us to be totally dedicated to providing personal attention and the best learning environment for each of our students.

All of our Spanish Programs are Individually Designed for each student.

We will consider your requirements and will design an Individual Spanish Learning Plan (ISLP) – a unique teaching curriculum just for you, based on:

* your objectives in learning Spanish language
* your present level of Spanish competence
* your special area of interest or Professional Concentration
* your personal Natural Learning Style

Our Unique Competitive Advantage – the reason studying Spanish language with Personalized Spanish is much more effective than studying with any other Spanish school in Costa Rica is:

1. We first determine each student’s Individual Learning Style, and
2. Use scientifically proven teaching methods that work best for this particular student’s learning style.
3. We are the only school in San José that offers a mini group program with a maximum of three students during the entire year.

In other words, we present Spanish lessons in the manner that is natural for each student’s individual way of perceiving and processing new information.

Our students learn Spanish better, faster, and easier and achieve lasting practical results.

You will be amazed how fast you can learn or improve your Spanish at our school where you will be taught to your natural strength, based on your personal learning style.

Our Prices are extremely competitive and you will certainly get
the Best Value for the money.

Our school is located in a safe, clean, beautiful, upscale suburb of the capital of Costa Rica. While attending our school, students live at home with upper-middle class educated, professional families, who help them learn practical use of Spanish in everyday situations. Quality Homestay is our hallmark.

Personal attention, Individual Programs, Professionally Certified Teachers, beautiful modern facilities with all the latest teaching tools to maximize your learning potential in a friendly, family environment guarantee that you will get the best value for your time and money.

What We Are All About

Small, boutique Spanish Language School – Personalized Spanish – is best for people who are serious about learning Spanish. We have won several International Awards and were voted the Best Small Spanish School, but real measurement of our success is hundreds of satisfied students who choose to return to our school for further study or improvement of their Spanish language skills. We are proud to have the highest percentage of returning students of all of the Spanish Language Schools in Costa Rica.

Personalized approach is at the center of our educational philosophy. Most of our students learn Spanish in Private or Semi-Private Classes. We also offer Small Group Spanish Classes with no more than 3 students per Spanish Teacher. Our personalized approach starts with advanced preparation of the Individual Learning Plan for each student, based on her or his current level of Spanish, reason for studying Spanish language and the student’s special area of interest. Most importantly, we design an Individual Spanish Program for each student based on his or her Natural Learning Style.

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