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Fundación Aldeas de Paz is a small grass-roots NGO based in the beautiful southern region of Venezuela in Santa Elena de Uairén. 

We provide a variety of unique project opportunities to enable our volunteers and interns to utilize their individual talents to benefit the local community! As a volunteer/intern you will also enjoy a cooperative community-living experience, and FREE Spanish language lessons!

Aldeas de Paz is operated by volunteers from both Venezuela and overseas. Our Volunteers are of all ages, races, and nationalities, and don´t have to speak fluent Spanish, as we provide full support and 24 hour backup from our local staff.

Volunteers and interns are the driving force of Aldeas de Paz' work, both through their volunteering or their internship and through their financial contributions which enable us to help local youth and do meaningful work in the community. We focus on small communities, individuals within these communities, and the personal growth of volunteers into future leaders. We believe that through our initiatives we can create a culture of peace to empower young people and preserve indigenous cultures.

Our volunteers and interns are involved in a broad range of activities, ranging from youth work to medicine & healthcare, multimedia and NGO management. Furthermore, they have the chance to implement their own projects. Read our program descriptions for further information.


Types of Programs Available

There are a variety of different volunteer-intern programs to choose from at Aldeas de Paz!


We cannot pretend to remedy serious social and economic conditions, but volunteers of our Youth, Community & Nature program have plenty of opportunities to make a difference to young people who would otherwise lack educational and creative opportunities.


If you enjoy working with children and if you are also enthusiastic about horses, then our Horse Riding for the Disadvantaged program will be very rewarding for you. The smooth motion of the horse can help to improve balance, overall gross motor function, as well as trunk, pelvic and hip motion. Horse riding is very helpful for children with developmental, concentration and learning challenges.


Another opportunity to work with children is through our Mobile School. The mobile school presents educational material in a lively and engaging manner. We help raise the children’s self-esteem by teaching them that they are valued members of their communities. The core themes with the mobile school are literacy, mathematics, creative therapy, healthcare education, and human rights.


A very different type of work can be done through our Conservation program. This program helps to sustain our small-scale forest conservation tree planting project. You will work together with local staff and possibly other volunteers. Conservation is a wonderful way to make friends, get some fresh air, exercise, and help preserve Venezuela's natural beauty.


The Green Building & Carpentry program offers similar aspects. It is ideal if you enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of the countryside. You can also hone your Spanish skills as you possibly work side by side with locals. This placement is for the creative, innovative and pioneer-spirited person who really loves the challenge of helping to build, expand and maintain Aldeas de Paz infrastructure on our grounds.


If you want to learn more about how a small grass-root NGO is managed, you may want to sign up for our NGO Management & Administration program. The NGO Administration volunteers and interns observe and assist in administrative and organizational work and the coordination and supervision of community programs. They work closely together with volunteers and interns of the youth, community and nature and the Multimedia program.


The idea of the multimedia program is to promote the foundation´s mission through multimedia technologies. The topics promoted include creating awareness about children rights and addressing parenting issues as well as promoting indigenous rights through a variety of activities. Also social networking and social media support as well as documenting our work and producing/editing video material for awareness raising multimedia campaigns.


The Medicine & Healthcare program is tailored, where possible, to a volunteer's level of relevant experience and interests. Be involved in the day-to-day running of a typical community based health or dental clinic, observing or directly assisting doctors and nurses or join our indigenous community based medical expedition amidst breathtaking surroundings of the Canaima national park.


Our Indigenous Exchange program gives you the opportunity to live and work together with one of Venezuela´s indigenous tribes. The Gran Sabana is home to the Pemón Nation, an ethnic minority of about 6,000 people. The community of Chirikayén is one of many small, rural Pemón villages. It is 1.5 hours’ drive from Santa Elena, inside the beautiful Canaima national park. It has a population of less than 300 people and is located close to the majestic Chirikayén Tepuy (flat-top mountain – 1650m).


We encourage creativty and initiative at Aldeas de Paz! If you have your own idea for a program or a requirement for an internship, let us know. We are wiling to look into any/all possibilities that would help us in our mission to enhance the community of Santa Elena de Uairen. We can help you find contacts, resources, and other interested volunteers. Check the website for more details on this exciting opportunity!


New opportunities may expand on exisiting programs or develop into compltely new areas. Check the website or our Facebook page for continuous updates, and feel free to contact us for additional information.


Duration / Dates

Aldeas de Paz accepts applications year-round, so your start/end dates can be flexible and tailored to your own schedule! The minimum duration is one week, and there is no maximum time limit. You can later expand your stay as you go!

Costs / Pay

We assess the cost of your minimum donation based on your choice of accommodations and the duration of your stay. The longer you stay, the less you give per week! We do this to encourage volunteers to enjoy more time here, recognizing that a greater duration leads to more significant volunteer work & more energy contributed in the form of donated time (in place of money)!
To see the cost breakdown for your estimated amount of time, please visit our website.

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