Peace Academy

We are building a school as a hub for education, sustainable farming, healthcare and social enterprise. Peace Academy will educated disadvantaged children, create a source of income for the local community and diffuse knowlege and modern technology.

Peace Academy is a school that has existed since 2007, giving alternative education to children in Ouidah (preschool-8th grade) in order to improve their opportunities for the future.

Currently it consists of two classrooms, a full time volunteer teacher and director, and approximately 30 children split into grade levels.  “Project Peace Academy” is an initiative currently developing the school to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Give all children in Ouidah - regardless of race, sex, financial status, religion, etc.—free educational options.  Ensure that this education is quality, standardized, accommodating to those who do not have the financial means for school supplies, and gives both Nigerians and Beninese Anglophone schooling opportunities.
  • Create an alternative institution that is self-sustaining, environmentally conscious, and economically stimulating for the community as a whole
  • Prepare each student for an independent and successful future, whether in the form of an officially recognized higher education or skilled revenue generating activities.  Educate them in financial management, nutrition, and basic health to best equip them for adulthood.
  • Bridge the stigma gap between “normal” locals and disadvantaged demographics in order to strengthen the community, lessen prejudice, and make it easier for needy-families to find work and support-networks.

Job Duties: 
Teaching (any core subjects, levels range from preschool-8th grade), agricultural development (helping with school farm and revenue generating production), curriculum support, infrastructure strengthening (improving the physical school environment), community outreach (parent involvement, community programs)

Host family or apartment

Language Requirements: 
French (intermediary), English (advanced)

Ouidah is a town on the southern coast of Benin with a population of around 77,000 people.  Situated about an hour away from Cotonou, Benin’s largest city, Ouidah is a cultural hotspot known for its historic role in the slave trade and strong vodun culture.  It is well established with several paved roads, numerous internet cafes, widespread electricity and many commodities for tourists. The locale culture welcomes foreigners and is extremely warm to all.  The primary spoken language is French, in addition to a local dialect. Over the course of the year, Ouidah hosts many festivals, concerts and cultural events; there are also several historical forts and museums.

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