P.A.W.S. - Protection of Animals Welfare Society is a charitable non-governmental organisation in Mauritius working to help animals.

If you wish to work at our refuge with the animals it is necessary to think about being safe around animals. Many of those in our care have not had the best start in life and as a consequence can be frightened an unpredictable at times, very occasionally people get scratched or bitten, also the work can be dirty and we advise volunteers to wear sensible clothes and footwear. 

We need you to have an up-to-date tetanus injection for this year, to follow the training and induction with PAWS, to have authorization from your parents if you are under 18 years old. 


In PAWS kennels & cattery in the South (Union Vale) and the North (The Vale) volunteers help with the following tasks:

  • Bath the dogs
  • Walk the dogs on a leash.
  • Interaction with puppies and kittens.
  • Take photos of dogs & cats kept at PAWS for adoption, once a week.


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