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We are an Australian based Catholic Volunteer sending agency that recruits, prepares and sends volunteers with particular expertise to respond to the requests of communities in need.

We believe enabling people to open their palms and reach beyond every barrier of culture, religion, nationality and gender will empower cooperation to achieve a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty.

Palms Australia believes communities are the best architects of their own development. They posses the contextual and cultural awareness that informs sustainable solutions to poverty. Development assistance must be provided at the request of, not imposed on, communities in need. This underpins our international assignments program.

Priority is given to requests from vital grass-roots organisations, seeking sustainable solutions to poverty, based on community articulated goals and strategies. Relationships and skill development are prioritised ahead of the buildings, equipment, and goods that others offer as aid. Requests are met by recruiting qualified and experienced Australians to share their skills. They are thoroughly prepared and supported for authentic relationships and mutual development to build on existing strengths of the local community.


What We Do

Palms Australia facilitates various activities to help us achieve our objective. These activities include long-term assignments abroad, short term overseas group trips, and training and consultancy services for individuals and organisations.


Assignments Abroad

Through our assignments abroad, Palms Australia places Australians with communities that request their particular expertise to help develop the skills of local people. Undertaking an assignment abroad can help build the capacity of a local community and advance a sustainable future. Additionally, it can provide you with immeasurable personal and professional growth.



A Palms Encounter is the perfect way to experience a new culture and learn more about our international programs. Whether you are looking for a unique, ethical travel experience or are considering if an assignment abroad is right for you, an Encounter experience is a valuable opportunity.

These small group trips are designed to provide an insight into the daily life of people of another culture; an understanding of sustainable approaches to development; and an insight into the life and work of Australians participating in a Palms assignment. Importantly, places are limited so that guides can provide a genuine, immersive experience.

We typically hold public Encounters twice a year and offer private trips for groups throughout the year upon request.


Training and consultancy

Palms Australia specialises in assisting organisations and individuals across a diverse range of cross-cultural work. With over 50 years experience in implementing international partnerships across Asia, Africa, South America, and the Pacific, our team can provide training to any organisation seeking to enhance their cross-cultural outcomes, big or small.

We are able to cater our training to each organisation’s needs, whether they be corporate, educational, government or non-government organisations. We specialise in providing pre-deployment training, re-entry support and assistance designing, trouble-shooting and evaluating development programs.

Whether you require two hours or ten days training, we can tailor a program to your needs, selecting the units and themes most relevant to your situation. Alternatively, you may wish to participate in one of our public workshops.

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