13 Day Backpacking Tour of Japan

Company : Oyster Worldwide
Location : Tokyo - Tokyo
Duration: 2 weeks to 2 weeks
Approx Costs: 1500 to 1750 £ Pound (UK)

Japan - a perfect blend of old and new, with endless sites to see and so much to do! Join our 13-day tour and let an expert guide show you the best of Japan.

Stopping at top attractions as well as lesser-known areas, this tour perfectly blends the must-see hotspots with a more authentic experience. With an affordable itinerary, this tour is perfect for any one looking for a fun-filled backpacking experience.



Day one – Tokyo
Begin the day looking over Tokyo from the Metropolitan Government Office before heating to the bright neon lights in Shinjuku. Watch out for the giant Godzilla! Opt to spend the evening relaxing in a Japanese bathhouse or practice your baseball at a local batting cage.

Day two – Tokyo
Surround yourself with the bustling excitement of the Tsukiji fish market and even try your hand at sushi making. Head to the home of Anime and Manga before choosing to either try on of Akihabara’s quirky maid cafes. Fancy something more exhilarating? Dress up as a Mario- Kart character and drive the streets of Tokyo in a group.

Day three – Tokyo
Witness sumo wrestlers training hard before eating a traditional Japanese lunch. After exploring the Edo-Tokyo Museum, watch a live samurai sword demonstration. Want to see something quirky? You can head to a Tokyo robot show in the evening.

Day four – Tokyo
Meander through the grounds of the stunning Imperial Palace and visit the shrine of Emperor Meiji. For a contrast, spend the afternoon surrounded by unusual fashion statements in the Harajuku Fashion District

Day five – Kamakura
Jump on board a fast train to Kamakura – home of the first Japanese shoguns and gaze at the 45ft bronze Great Buddha Statue in Kotoku-in Temple. In the evening, head to the beach for a spectacular sunset. If you're feeling active, why not try some surfing too.

Day six – Hakone
One of the real highlights of the tour is Mount Fuji.  Travel on the Hakone Ropeway to gaze at the iconic mountain from Oowakundi. Sample some black eggs that have been cooked in sulphuric acid before boarding a pirate ship to glide across Lake Ashi. Fancy some relaxation? Head to an Onsen – a Japanese hot spring

Day seven – Kyoto
Explore the fascinating Kiyomizu Temple before choosing to either eat in Pontocho Alley, at a traditional, wooden-panelled restaurant – near the Geisha district or to try the night life in the student area.

Day eight – Kyoto
Spend the morning rafting down the Hozugawa River before hiking through a bamboo forest. Your goal is to reach Arashiyama Monkey Park with stunning views of Kyoto. Relax in the tranquil gardens of the Tenryu-ji Temple. If you want to experience a truly Japanese night out, join the group at a karaoke bar.

Day nine – Kyoto
Either visit temples along the Philosopher’s Path or at head to the International Manga Museum. You ill then trek, starting at Fushini Inari Taisha and exploring the Shinto shrine complex. After so much exercise, reward yourself with a sample of local sake at a brewery.

Day ten – Kyoto/Hiroshima
Famous around the world, The Golden Pavilion is the destination for the morning. You will also get the opportunity to learn the art of meditation with the help of a local Buddhist monk. Cycle Kyoto and visit the Imperial Palace before jumping on board an overnight bullet train to the next destination.

Day eleven – Hiroshima
Spend time at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and read all of the stories of the World War 2 atomic bomb. Jump on board a ferry to see the Itsukushina shrine, which are temples on stilts, located on Miyajima Island. You will then get to head up the rope-way for a unforgettable view. 

Day twelve – Osaka
Time for your final train journey to Osaka. Explore the donjon, spanning across nine floors and then shop to your hearts content. Fancy a drink? Meet the group at Kamikazi Bar.

Day thirteen – Osaka
Final day. Time to say goodbye before continuing your travels or heading to the airport.


  • Bicycle
  • Boat / Ferry
  • Internal Travel
  • Trekking / Hiking


  • Accomodation Included
  • Hostel - Dormitory
  • Hostel - Room

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All hostel accommodation, internal travel, tour guide, taxes and charges, included activities, 24/7 support

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All year round.

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