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Oxford Seminars runs TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification courses and free information sessions in in over 130 locations throughout the US and Canada.

We ensure our graduates are ready to teach English abroad by:

  • Anticipating and exceeding the expectations of students;
  • Bringing the best instructors and teaching materials to students;
  • Offering industry-leading resources to students, such as the free Teacher Placement Service, English Language Schools Directory, Country Information, and ESL Teaching Resources which set them apart from the competition;
  • Working with graduates to find ESL teaching jobs utilizing trusted Oxford Seminars' contacts from around the world;
  • Helping graduates prepare to Travel and Teach abroad with comprehensive checklists; 
  • Being dedicated to excellence in teacher preparation and the student's educational experience

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Oxford Seminars Reviews

A Tesl with Oxford

The TESL course i took with Oxford Seminars was a learning experience. The course was spread out 60 hours in class and 40 hours online, upon completion you also have the opportunity to do specialized courses that further your learning. The in class part was 3 weekends Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6pm with an hour lunch. We had a small class in Barrie, Ontario with only 6 of us including myself. After the 1st day i didnt know if I was going to be able to complete it, its a lot of information thrown at you right off the bat. But after the 1st weekend ended and the information and themes started to repeat themselves I found i could understand it a lot more. For a native English speaker some of the stuff we learned was University level and the teacher thought we already knew it.. We did not. So as this is a conversational course I would've taken that stuff out. You have 90 days to complete the 40 hour component which I found was a little easier than the in class stuff. I then took a specialized module for teaching English specifically to children when was a lot of reading and theory but made a lot of sense afterwards. I found most of it was common sense. The module really guided my way through what the kids were supposed to be learning along with which developmental stages and experiences they were supposed to be able to achieve at which age. I found overall once you get into the course it made sense, the course materials you pay for are helpful, and I'd highly recommend this TESL course.

By: Shaunie
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 24

Oxford seminars

I really enjoyed my oxford seminars classes. It gave me a great experience even with my recent job as an ECE. :)

By: Dema
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 33

Oxford Seminars - Highly Recommended

My experience through Oxford Seminars was excellent. The class was well paced, and held my attention for the duration of each class period, even though it was full weekends of content (Saturdays and Sundays, from 9:00am-6:00pm, for three weeks). Although intensive, this scheduling allowed me to pursue my ESL certificate while maintaining a full-time job (which was an hour away from the class location). The instructor was engaging, personable, and helpful, and upon completing the course (both in class and the online component that followed), I felt very confident in my abilities to move forward with the material. Additionally, the Oxford Seminars website offers a number of resources for job openings in ESL, as well as teaching materials. Last, but not least, another benefit from Oxford Seminars were my classmates that I came to know during the course, (some local to me, others from a range of backgrounds), and we have stayed in touch since.

By: Gabrielle
Nationality: American
Age: 26

Excellent courses.

My experience with the course was excellent. The instructor was great with the group and the materials and instructions were really good.

I would, and have, definitely recommend the course to others.

By: Cameron Doig
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 34

From classes to Korea

In the winter of 2015, I was struggling to figure what I wanted to do next with my life. One night, while watching some Korean dramas online, I decided “I want to work there”. I started searching online for information on how to become an ESL teacher. I came across Oxford Seminars and that there was an information session nearby that upcoming week. I went and decided that day to register for the next session.
The class was wonderful and I was happy to give up a few weekends stuck in a classroom. There was a class offered about an hour away from my house which was very convenient. My classmates were a joy and my instructor Nadine was absolutely incredible. She made my drive to travel abroad even stronger. She had experience traveling the world since she was in her 20s. The material we covered in class was very helpful and I was able to utilize the skills learned throughout my teaching career. I took the main class and also the supplementary class for teaching children. The style of the test for each course was plotted very well, which is saying a lot because I am HORRIBLE at computer testing. The material in general is done in a great way. I have the text materials in the shelf next to my desk at work with highlights and sticky notes for me to flip to when lesson planning.
I started filling out applications to head to South Korea and wound up being accepted to English Program in Korea, or EPIK, which supplies the teachers for Korea’s public school systems. My recruitment was through Korean Horizons and Alistair, my recruiter, was one of the most helpful people I have ever met. If we needed supplies in Korea, he ordered them for us so we did not have to worry about account issues. Getting all the documents required was a bit of a pain but well worth it. I arrived in Korea Spring 2017 and attended a great orientation where I met many other teachers who are still great friends. I teach elementary school students in a small town about 2 hours outside of Seoul. I teach anywhere from 4 to 18 students in each class ranging in all learning abilities. I don’t need to know Korean but I am trying to teach myself to help in everyday life. I am really enjoying my time here and am so glad I became certified in TEFL through Oxford Seminars.

By: Cassandra
Nationality: USA
Age: 28

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