Outwoods is an unique and exotic mix of adventure and the art of photography; thrill of the wild and skill of the art in the form of our ambitious dream project!

Based in Singapore; our approach lies in a single minded agenda of providing an “adventure of a life time” to all who are keen to experience” and “capture” life in the wild.  We don’t just love the outback, we live it! Our expertise is built on personal travel experience and trusted relationships in every destination. We believe in going above-and-beyond in myriad ways, such that no journey is complete without that unexpected, unique & unforgettable experience! 

As Outwooders, we have charted a vision to infect every individual on this planet with a wildlife buga bug which will get you up and close with nature and take you to the uncharted journey of wilderness. The only currency we focus on is to provide an "incredible and indelible experience" through our journeys and as we reach out to you.


What's in Store!!!!

It could be the moment of the first encounter with the striped cat, the Royal Bengal Tiger; it could be the sudden awestruck that comes taken by surprise by the unpredictable predators; it could be the serenity that is only found when you become one with nature; it could be finding inspiration through your lens; it could simply be being mesmerized with the orchestra of sounds; or it could simply be being carried away with the thrill of the adventure


Making you let go off your shoes & experience the Wild!!!

If you are planning a vacation this year or in near future, I would urge you to consider a “trip to the wild” that will change the way you wish to spend your holidays. This is coming from my personal experience, an experience that has left me completely mesmerized and awestruck. The ultimate exquisite bespoke wildlife safari destination not only for individuals but dream vacation for families, friends and couples with an extra-ordinary blend of wilderness and Luxury.


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