Organisation For Strategic Development In Africa

Work to help underpriveldged African communities by joining education, building, community and medical outreach programs.

In our drive to help build a better world where everybody matters, poor or rich, OSDA recognises that promoting volunteerism is a sure  way to achieving cross-cultural integration and the building of economically sustainable and peaceful societies in the world.

OSDA has designed exciting volunteer programmes to nurture youthful energies towards community development services in a bid to achieve our goals.

Are you a student, a worker of government institution, private organisation or an individual with the passion to  enrich your cultural experience and create better opportunities for  deprived and underserved communities in Africa and beyond?

Come visit Ghana, stay with our host families, work with indigenous Ghanaian companies and organisations under our carefully designed cultural exchange and knowledge transfer programmes and relish the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality and rich culture.

The following constitutes OSDA’s core activity areas:

Student Internship Placement,


Family Hosting,

Knowledge transfer programmes

Rural community  development

Research student hosting.

Teaching and Health Outreach Programs



The organization has consistently undertaken social intervention development projects across the length and breadth of the country with much focus on rural poor communities of Ghana.

These initiatives are aimed at creating the platform necessary to bridge the yawning development gap between the rural poor and the much privileged urban counterpart.

It’s also intended to help establish an effective and sustainable way of improving living conditions as well as the economic status of disadvantaged communities.

We presently focus on projects such as:

  • Construction of Schools Blocks
  • Construction of Health centers
  • Provision of Community Libraries and E-learning facilities.
  • Construction of Community / Skills Development Centers
  • Provision of Portable Water and Sanitation amenities
  • Construction of Community Centers

You can make a difference as a volunteer by joining the fun over the short or long term, to assist in the construction of our projects, work alongside rural folks to improve their lives while exploring the serene and fascinating rural landscape and environment. 



Ghana is being touted as one of the few countries in Africa and the world, likely to achieve its targets under the Millennium Development Goals in Healthcare delivery by 2015. Tackling diseases and conditions which disproportionately affects the poor is central to the government of Ghana. Efforts and strategies to achieve adequate health delivery under the MDG are therefore very important to the government and its development partners.

OSDA through its health partner ‘The Pillar Of Change For The Rights Of Women And Childrenfinds it expedient to contribute its quota towards government efforts at achieving sustainable healthcare delivery in the country. We are determined to embark on a vigorous campaign against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria across the country in order to enhance governments resolve to curb the menace if not eradicate them completely.

Our volunteer programmes are designed to provide hands-on health care delivery service, having acknowledged the effect of the lack of medical facilities and officers in most rural areas. OSDA through the spirit of volunteerism trains and builds the capacities of local people to deliver primary health care in such situations.

Join our local health volunteer brigades as mobile foreign volunteer to help improve the health of the poor and the deprived in districts in the Volta region, including Kadjebi, Nkwanta south, and Afadzoto  and on other parts of the country. 


The inequality in accessing quality education in Ghana, especially with regards to the  provision of educational facilities in our rural peripheries, is a major threat to the attainment of the goals of the MDG2 by 2015.

It is the right of children anywhere, irrespective of their religious creed, sex or geographical location to be and stay in school for the full course of primary education.

OSDA is therefore determined and committed to ensuring universal coverage in primary education for poor and underserved rural communities through the provision of volunteer service that goes to complement efforts by the government of Ghana.

OSDA is currently recruiting self-motivated volunteers and students to teach subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Citizenship Education, Physical Education, and ICT in Primary and  Junior High schools in the Ghanaian educational system.

Make a difference by offering your skills and support of these pupils who have few opportunities while you become role models for them as you inspire local voluntary teachers.

Suitable accommodation close to your workplace will be provided to ensure quality service delivery. 

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