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The Great Orangutan Project (GOP) is a collection of orangutan conservation projects in both Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo...

...funded by volunteer contributions and coordinated by conservationists employed by WOX. The GOP's strength lies in its unique collaboration of orangutan conservation organisations or individuals who exchange knowledge, advice and ideas towards orangutan conservation in this part of the world. Each project has the shared vision of increasing the size and health of Bornean orangutan populations, bringing them back from the brink of extinction. By working together in this way were able to address the issues affecting the plight of the Orangutan and develop solutions for their long-term survival through shared knowledge.

The GOP is a signature project of UK and Malaysia based WOX. WOX is an environmental and social project management company. WOX is not a charity, but built on solid financial principles enabling us to create sustainable and long-term benefits. We work towards the triple bottom line of sustainability; economic, social and environmental.

Working together:

The Great Orangutan Project brings together a variety of collective minds to channel efforts towards a common goal through providing a forum for discussion and debate, improving education, research and public knowledge and increased media involvement.

The role of WOX is to facilitate the joint collaboration between local government, the host community, conservation experts and other relevant organisations. By working in this way peers are able to transfer knowledge and share ideas for the benefit of the creating a sustainable future for the orangutan populations of Borneo.

The Great Orangutan Project works to improve the lives of people as well as orangutans. By collaborating together with the local Government, experts and the host community we can aim to ensure that positive, long-term benefits are created as a result of our work. We work to ensure local communities gain from wealth creation made available through ecotourism by educating them about the environment and providing them with English skills. For example some of our volunteers taught English to a remote longhouse village in the jungle, giving four local tribal people the language skills needed to become fully qualified guides and thereby securing their future and that of their families.

We dont want to stay forever; we want to be able to provide the local government, host community and local partners with the knowledge, support and training necessary to run the projects sufficiently by themselves. The end result of our collaborative efforts on our projects will be our removal as facilitators once we are believe that we have done everything we can to create a sustainable future for them.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy of ecotourism is based on creating a sustainable working relationship. As a result of this harmony we are able to create economy at a local level and spearhead a new found interest and commitment to the natural environment and inspire custodianship over the natural environment. Put simply, make orangutans conservation so vital to the local community in Borneo that they will protect and nurture them rather than hunting and killing them


The Great Orangutan Project currently works in the following destinations;

* Matang Wildlife Centre
* Zoo Negara & Zoo Taiping
* Batang Ai

Responsible Volunteering:

The Great Orangutan Project operates in a responsible and ethical manner throughout its operations, encouraging our partners and volunteers to do the same. To find out more view our Responsible Volunteering section.

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