OneWorldPakistan is a non-profit organisation established to ‘bring the World to Pakistan’.

Ancient, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful, the country which is now called Pakistan has a history which goes back nearly 5000 years. Pakistan is a land of huge diversity and opportunity and unique in every way to its Asian neighbours. We welcome you to the land of courteous people, colourful buses, bustling streets, tranquil valleys, rugged mountains, spectacular glaciers, pre-historic monuments, excellent beaches and much much more….. Don’t follow the crowds, set the trend. Visit somewhere truly unique. Explore Asia’s secret, see Pakistan.

We were created to provide students the opportunity to volunteer in Pakistan and to travel across Pakistan, a country that has so much to offer but yet has been over looked for many years. The OneWorldPakistan team based in Pakistan, United Kingdom and the United States aim to offer excellent help and advice before, during and after the placement. We stand out from other such organisations as we do not simply recruit and hand over volunteer placement arrangements to other organisations but we support our volunteers from their inception into the programme till the very last day of their placement. With a wide network of highly trained and friendly local OneWorldPakistan staff , our volunteers always have someone to turn to for help, advice or just for a chat. Working with Organisations in Pakistan and having an understanding of the land, people and volunteer work environment we are poised as the market leaders in providing excellent volunteer opportunities. We look forward to seeing you in Pakistan.

With a wide variety of projects across Pakistan, OneWorldPakistan offers you excellent work and unforgettable experiences. Some of the projects based across the country you could be a part of are:

* Teaching English and Basic Maths
* Assisting Lifeguards
* Conservation Activities
(sea turtles, mangroves, fisheries and northern areas)
* Working for Orphans and Street Children
* Working for Women’s rights and conditions
* Working for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children
* Teaching Visually Handicapped and Hearing Impaired Children
* Working with Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

These projects are based across the country and are controlled through one of our city offices based in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Ever wondered why lots of individuals go out of their way to work as volunteers on obscure projects in remote places across the globe? Here are a few reasons why volunteering was worth it for some:

* Volunteering takes you to places and situations which you would never find yourself in. It challenges your pre-conceived notions about various things and shows you a different view of the world.
* As a volunteer you are motivated by the need to use your skills and strengths in order to make a difference in the world, to leave your mark as it were.
* Working on projects abroad gives you a sense of fulfilment. It allows you to dramatically alter lives with just a little effort from your side.
* Volunteers get the opportunity to immerse themselves into often indigenous cultures and completely adopt it while they are there. There is no better education regarding social practises, beliefs and way of life, then to actually live it.
* Upon returning from projects, students get the opportunity to share their experiences with their home communities, helping to educate them about the places and people they have seen, ridding them of prejudice and opening up their minds to the diversity that exists in the world.
* Sharing the highs and lows, triumphs and set backs of a community is an enriching experience for students teaching them the value of thinking beyond themselves.
* Experience abroad helps increase the volunteers skills and confidence levels as well as making them more culturally aware and tolerant. Thus, helping them grow as individuals.

OneWorldPakistan functions as an independent organisation which is not funded by any government grants or charitable donations and as such all costs are met by the organisation itself. Moreover, all volunteer projects organised by OWP are aimed at serving the local community by way of improving aspects such as health, education and other area’s of daily life. Broadly speaking the fees paid by the volunteers will cover the following:

* Hosting Costs. Volunteers will be provided with accommodation, food, bottled mineral water and ALL transportation to and from their projects all funded by the fees they have paid.
* Volunteer Welfare Costs. The fees paid will also be used for the recruitment, training and maintenance of in-country support staff who will be available around the clock to provide assistance to the volunteers.
* Security Costs. Funds from the fees paid will also be used to ensure adequate security arrangements for the duration of each volunteers stay.
* Volunteer Project Costs . All the projects organised for students, in the absence on external funding, will be financed by the fees paid. This will include project sourcing, administration/ organisation, staff training, material costs as well as advertising and recruiting volunteers.

Beyond all of the above, fees paid by volunteers will contribute greatly to social uplift projects in very deprived settings, while giving the volunteers an opportunity to experience and learn about the lives of those less fortunate than them.

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