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One Heart Animal Shelter - Belize - is looking for Volunteers. We welcome volunteers from all over the world to come to Belize and help these suffering animals. Get an experience for life.

One Heart Animal Shelter is located in Belize, Central America.
We take care of the homeless and battered dogs and other animals, which have been abandoned.
The jungle is being used as a dumping ground for dogs
that are undesirable.
Here many good dogs suffer a slow and painful death,
where they are starving to death or being attacked and eaten by wild animals.

As a volunteer you will participate in our jungle trips and rescue these dogs out off the jungle
and bring them back to One Heart Animal Shelter.
At the shelter we take care of them and bring them back to life again.

You will be staing in nice and friendly accommodation in one of our Caribbean Cabanas.

We offer all our volunteers 30 % discount off rental of Cabanas.

Here you will have your own kitchen so you can decide when and what you want to eat, at the local market prices.
You have your own house and you can share it with another Volunteer, if available, and then only pay half price.
Free internet and bicycles
5 min. from Corozal Town, 3 min. from the Caribbean Sea.
Explore Belize while you are staying here with everything from diving, cave tube expeditions, river rafting and a lot more…..

Your background, education, color or age is not important for us.
What’s important for us and the animals is a good heart and sincere love for the animals.

When you have participated in our volunteer program we are issued
a certificate of appreciation to you for your work and support at One Heart Animal Shelter.

As your time as volunteer you will receive the support and help you need for your staying.
You will be welcome when you arrive in Belize of us.

All rentals of Cabanas go directly to rescue and support
The Animals at One Heart Animal Shelter.

Have a great experience for life at the same time as you support the animals at
One Heart Animal Shelter.

It make sense

See u in Belize

Duration / Dates

From 1-6 months volunteer programs.

All year around.

Costs / Pay

1890,- US $ at month.

945,- US $ at month when 2 sharing a cabana.

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