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Our award winning packages offer a safari experience that weaves together all the elements one expects from a safari while contributing to wildlife conservation. 

We specialise in small group wildlife conservation safaris in support of wildlife conservation in destinations like South Africa, Botswana, India, Brazil, Uganda, Zanzibar and the UK. 

An On Track Safari provides all of the features that are expected in a safari: personal service, stylish accommodation and great game viewing. But we go one step further. We throw away any tourist rhetoric and want you to be able to ‘be involved’ and enjoy real wildlife experiences.

We offer a personal service and flexibility to cater for any specific requirements and needs that you may have. Whether your preference is to see a broad-brush of general wildlife, or something specific, or if you would like to visit one of our community projects, be hands on, or sit back and let us take the strain, whatever you prefer we'll do our best to provide.

For example, when in Africa, everyone hopes to see the infamous big five when on Safari (Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo), and of-course soak up the atmosphere, sights and sounds of the bush. We aim to provide all those things (mother nature permitting), but more than that, we want you to gain an insight into the real African bush, perhaps to understand what a Leopard track looks like and how it is just like a finger print, or understand what the barking noise you heard during the night meant (alarm call of a bush buck, who knows a predator is around), or what that smell of pop corn means as you pass a bush (female leopard in oestrous). 

Of-course a safari wouldn’t be a safari without enjoying the quality accommodation and fantastic venues that are included in each of our tours. We know that its important to be able to plan your safari costs and avoid any hidden extras. Quite simply, we don't believe in hidden extras, so we aim to provide an all inclusive price and if there are any additions to that one off price, they will be clearly shown on your itinerary.

When you join any of our South African safaris, we provide opportunities for you to be involved with our work in conservation and particularly with leopards. You’ll meet and be involved with our team of conservationists, help to set trail cameras to monitor the nightly happenings. Or when in India to know that funds from your safari are helping to support Tiger Guardian programs and Tiger conservation.

Let us know what you want from your safari and together we can make your time with us an experience that will provide memories to last a lifetime. 

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