Thai Wildlife Rehabilitation & Care

Company : Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers
Location : Phetchaburi, Thailand
Duration: 2 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 500 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

This strictly "hands off" centre rescues animals from places where they are maltreated and/or neglected and provides a sanctuary as close to their natural environment as possible with the best possible care.

Some animals are nursed back to health and are released back into the wild while others are unable to be rehabilitated and spend the rest of their lives at the centre. There are currently over 400 rescued animals including 5 different species of macaque, 6 species of gibbon, civets, leopard cats, a tiger, sun bears and Asiatic black bears, a crocodile, a binturong , exotic birds and over 250 primates.

The centre aims to educate Thai people, particularly children, to end cruelty to animals. This is achieved through education programs held in schools and at the centre. Staff campaign against the illegal wildlife tradeand the use of animals for entertainment, for example the use of animals in live shows, elephant riding and the use of animals as photo props.

They aim to put a stop to hunting. By educating local people, tourists and the international community to appreciate, understand and protect wild animals and their rainforest habitat, the centre hopes to promote the conservation of all natural resources, fauna and flora alike.

You will be responsible for feeding and watering the animals, cleaning enclosures, providing enrichments, planting trees, assisting with tours for visitors, the construction and maintenance work of cages and enclosures and keeping the Centre's grounds clean.

You will make a positive difference to the lives of the animals at the centre by caring for and enriching the lives of a variety of wildlife. Special projects for long term volunteers include the care of baby primates, working with animals in the quarantine area and animal rescues.

Start Dates

Sunday, all year


18 years of age

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