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NZ Orchard Direct LTD has grown from the foundation of over 100 years of fruit growing experience. As proud grower, NZ Orchard Direct is a way to showcase our quality fruit directly to you.

We are a company comprising of orchards and a packhouse in Central Otago, New Zealand; Predominately Teviot Orchard and Clutha Packing Centre. Over the past twenty years we have gone from being growers to growers/packers to growers/packers/exporters.

This addition of exporting is the final step of the process to ensure we have control from the field, to the packhouse to delivery of the highest quality fruit to your hands.

We, along with our staff work hard to continuely improve our product and yield to share with the rest of the world.

We consistently aim to keep our export fruit above industry standards. Our fruit is grown under an Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) system, IFP ensures fruit is delivered with minimum amount of sprays. This standard is achieved by field monitoring of pest and disease and only spraying when thresholds have been exceeded. All properties are also certified under Global Gap which is an internationally recognised quality assurance program.



Between two orchards and the packhouse there are numerous employment opportunities throughout the season from late December into mid February.

The best way to secure a job is to be present in the region over the fruit season as jobs vacancies can open and close very quickly each day. These vacancies are generally required for an immediate start. The season times and working hours are very weather dependent therefore employment is based on an ‘as-and-when-required’ agreement.



Picking is a physically demanding job therefore the employee must be physically fit, be able to climb and carry a ladder and be capable of working long hours in different weather conditions, including in the heat. Picking is generally based on a contractual wage and you will be paid for the amount of fruit picked in a day. The rate varies per bucket (5kg for cherries) and you must be able to pick enough buckets to earn at least the minimum wage to retain your position.



Packing generally starts late December and involves the sorting of fruit into different grade standards. This is done inside the packhouse at a sorting table. Employees must be able to work long hours, 7 days a week.


‘As-and When Required’:

As mentioned, work is very weather dependent. If it is raining, fruit can not be picked. This may also affect packers as there may be no fruit to pack.

If weather looks to be worsening pickers may be asked to work longer hours in order to harvest the fruit before the weather causes any damage.

Employees at the packhouse may be required to work longer hours  with short notice in order to fulfill packing requirements or to ensure fruit is being packed fresh off the trees.

The peak of the season is around the cherry harvest between late December to early/mid February. Outside of this period we require fewer staff.

We require our staff to be available when the fruit is ready to pick and pack, not when it suits them to turn up.

Pay is fortnightly and paid by direct credit therefore we require a New Zealand bank account. You will also need an IRD number, and if you are from overseas, a current New Zealand work visa.



There are several accommodation options in the region, we also provide some staff housing. Please enquire when applying.



If you wish to work with us, the easiest way is to come and visit or call us. We recommend doing this prior to, or early during the season. If you are outside of the region and are interested please call us or fill in the following form.

We look forward to hearing from you

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