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NHC is an educational institution headquartered in London. The college specialises in further and higher education as well as vocational training.

Our students are on courses leading to certificate level and diploma level programmes. The exceptional breadth of vocational training choices together with the rapidly-expanding range of world language courses enables us to fulfill the requirements of our students and potential students.

Notting Hill College operates across three major teaching areas which are: Teacher Training; English and World Languages; Business and Soft Skills. The College’s array of short courses, certificate level and diploma level programmes are spread across three distinct schools: the School of Business, School of Teacher Training and School of Languages

All NHC Schools are committed to excellent education and quality training. Through our practical, career-focused training, we help our students reach their full potential. All our staff work hard to give you the best experience, the best teaching and the best support to help you achieve your goals and have a successful future.

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