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Norwegian Red Cross mission is to reveal, prevent and alleviate human suffering and distress. Our activities are grounded in local needs, resources and competencies, carried out by local volunteers.

Our work is volunteer-based and organised to ensure that we can reach people in need quickly and efficiently. The Red Cross has local branches throughout Norway, while the Movement has a global reach through its network of volunteers.


Our efforts make a difference

The Red Cross reunites people. Red Cross lorry drivers and ambulance personnel get food and help through to those struck by famine. Red Cross water engineers cross battle lines to repair bombed water supply systems to ensure that people have access to clean water. This is possible because you and others like you care and because the red cross and red crescent emblems protect these volunteers.

There are people all over the world who need help, including in Norway. The problems here differ from those in other countries where armed conflicts or natural disasters produce need and suffering. They include substance abuse problems, difficulties adjusting to a new country, getting lost in the mountains at

Easter, or the many lonely people who simply need someone to talk to.



You can volunteer in some of our activities even if you do not speak Norwegian. These activities are open to English speaking volunteers with very limited Norwegian (please note that the need for volunteers may vary):

The first you have to do to become a volunteer in Oslo Red Cross is to fill out a registration form. The form only exists in Norwegian and can be found here.

After two working days you will be invited to a introduction course. You will be sent a list of possible dates, where a couple of courses are held in English. Make sure you sign up for the course in English that is at a convenient time for you. 

At the course you will get some knowledge about the history of the Red Cross and our values. The different activities that are in need of volunteers will come to talk about what they do, and what they need volunteers for.  You will get a form where you can sign up for maximum two activities you would like to volunteer in. This is not a binding agreement. You have simply signed up to be contacted by the activities you have chosen.

Within two weeks you will be contacted by the activities you signed up for at the intruduction course. They will invite you to come for an informal chat. At this meeting you will get more information about the activity, what you can expect from us, and what the Red Cross will expect from you. 

You will now begin your training. Most activities have their own couurses that will give you the knowledge and skills you need as a volunteer. What courses are required and how often the courses are held, varies from activity to activity.


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If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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