Northern Uganda Community Based Action for Children with Disabilities

NUCBACD strives to create awareness on the human rights of disabled children in Northern Uganda, and improve on their lives.

NUCBACD offers various activities for the children with disabilities to help them discover their full potential and feel they are belonging to the community;

* The Center offers special Needs Education for deaf, physical handicapped and mentally challenged children
* Training is being offered to parents in the community on the rights of the child with disabilities and fostering acceptance through community out reach programs
* Income Generating Activities are initiated for parents of disabled children under the Home Based Care program in order to enhance the condition of the child
* The community is being sensitized on the causes of disabilities and prevention program implemented
* Promotion of skill training for disabled youth with the provision of start-up tools such as bread-making, sewing, etc. to ensure their inclusion and sustainability in the community
* Formation of drama group as a way of expression for disabled children and sensitization of the community
* Referral system to the hospital is established for children with disabilities and the provision of mobility appliances
* Workshop for teachers, local authorities, and the community leaders in order to advocate for the inclusion of children with disabilities in the community
* Training in sign language for the community at large
* Psychosocial support at the center and communities
* Radio talk shows on disability programs for awareness

In our Community Outreach Program, we extend our activities to the villages and homes: We provide home based care for children who live with their families and train parents on the rights of these children and their needs. During those training we create an opportunity to share their experiences among themselves and encourage them to work together as a group in seeking support and in helping each other.

Together with the parents we try to work out strategies of dealing with the circumstances that affect them and their family.

Counseling is offered to the individual child or youth, to the parents, the guardians and schools according to the particular case.

War affected children benefit of skill training, psychosocial support and Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA).

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