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Nomad Republic is a Mexican enterprise that introduces a new concept in the mexican tourism industry: a form of alternative tourism that mixes culture, adventure and volunteering. 

In our programs we offer the Nomad traveler an opportunity to integrate in our social projects with activities that encourage real contact with local culture, while discovering the best cultural and natural attractions of the destination.

We are Nicolás Guerrero and Sebastián García-López, Mexican youngsters and lifelong friends. When high-school was over in 2010 we decided to break away from the everyday routine. Thirsty for exciting new experiences and driven by a desire to make the world a better place, we embarked upon a journey across the world. During six months we traveled around Thailand, Australia, SouthAfrica, Mozambique and Swaziland as volunteers from different organizations.

While lending our help, on the trip we also learned about the culture of each of the places we visited, allowing us to broaden our horizons about the world. We met volunteers from around the planet and realized that it was time to implement this kind of traveling in Mexico as well.

We contacted several non-governmental organizations committed to altruism, culture and eco-tourism, during a 6 month trip that changed our lives. 

We are the first travel company in Mexico that offers a mixture of volunteer work, culture and natural adventures; a perfect way to promote a new vision of the world.

Our team consist of expert travelers that know the fundamentals of the system because they themselves have traveled within the same parameters. They are people happy to help when it comes to organize and plan the perfect trip according to the client's preferences and tastes.


We offer to different volunteer programms around Mexico:

1. Mayan Experience: 

The Mayan Experience is meant to create a deeper impact in the Nomad traveler and in the communites where the volunteering takes place. We visit a whole region, going to the well known as well beaten track places. The volunteering is longer, allowing the nomad traveler to get a deeper immersion in the projects and in the culture of the destination.


2. QuickSilver Surf and Volunteering:

The QuickSilver Surfing Trips are trips sponsored by Quiksilver that combine surf, travel and volunteering in a specific Mexican state. The Nomad takes surf lessons in the morning and in the afternoon he does the volunteering in a nearby place, from Monday to Friday. In the weekends excursions are organized to the state's attractions.


Total duration: 2-4 weeks


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