Noble Works in Africa

We are agrassroots organization based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We have volunteer placements in teaching, child work, orphanage work, childrens homes, Youth and women empowerment, HIV & AIDS Awarenesss among others. We speak about equality and a stop to Gender based Violence. We are involved in community mobilization to raise awareness. Our programme receives volunteers of 18 years and beyond who either will stay in their placements or with host families.

Our programs are on every 1st and 15th of the Month meaning a volunteer needs to have arrived either that morning or before. We will be glad to talk to you more on the fees and necessary arrangements to volunteer with us.

Have you ever desired to visit africa and not only visit but to do so and serve? Welcome home!!. we say, "Hakuna Matata!!" for "there's no worries". You just landed on the right organization to help you visit, volunteer and travel around.

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. We are a grassroot level organization growing our network real fast. we have been volunteers ourselves before and therefore we understand  and have a rich background on volunteering. We place you in live in placements or with a host family. Our programs begins every 1st and 15th of the month. For new volunteers this will be a day to get oriented and meet our staff and possibly other volunteers just like you and same day we will drive you to your placement, thus your arrival should be early that morning or before the dates. We pick you at the airport.

We have volunteer opportunities for those willing to serve in Teaching, Women Empowerment, Talks on hygeine, Gender Based Violence and Equality talks, Youth empowerment, Arts and tailoring, Baking and pastry  amongst others. There is a registration fee which covers the administration cost and in Country Assistance, while your programme fee covers your sign up accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Mostly placements will serve you lunch or you may buy from the cafes around. Kindly note you will cater for your transport back to the airport, visas, Permits as well as vaccines and insurance. WeYu may also want to visit down the Kenyan Coast and enjoy the white sands and beachline of the Indian Ocean.

Kenyans are very friendly people and we have warm beautiful smiles. Everybody needs to follow the law and you'll be held responsible for breaking it. Contact us to arrange more on your service.

Duration / Dates

Every 1st and 15th6 of the MONTH. You may choose from a 2 weeks placement to 12 weeks.

Costs / Pay

2 weeks 365 USD
3 weeks 475 USD
4 Weeks 575 Usd
5 weeks 675 Usd
6 weeks 775 Usd
7 weeks 875 Usd
8 Weeks 975 Usd

Each program has an extra Registration fee of USD 255.

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