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Nine Muses School of Greek Language - Accredited by the European Label offer language courses and au pair jobs in Greece.

Our school is small, intimate, homelike but international. We offer a range of both group and private courses.We also offer tailor-made programme, based on the profile, preferences and interests of the group or the individual of the country guest.


Learn Greek in Athens

Friendliness of Greece in the school and a choice between hotel staying or in a fully equipped apartment next to our school.

Feel how it welcomes you, and encourages you, and increases your confidence in the language from the day you arrive to the day that you depart! Our programmes enable you to obtain accuracy and increase your fluency in Greek in a very short period of time.

Why should one attend our Greek learning programmes in Athens?

  • Effective: living and socializing using Greek language and culture
  • Activities: additional activities based on student interests like cooking, sculpturing etc.
  • Holidays : combine learning with sightseeing, nightlife in Athens and short excursions
  • Cost Effective: Combine studying and holidays using accommodation offered by Nine Muses


Learn Greek with Distance Learning

In a challenging educational period we provide the opportunity of low budget online distance learning educational course which does not lack the face-to-face advantages through skype. If you cannot travel or you really need your tailor- made programme think about Distance-Learning Greek Skype lessons.

Why should one enroll in our online distance learning programme?

  • Flexibility: you are anywhere with a computer and internet connection
  • You do not commute: it lowers cost and you save time and money. Replace your lost lessons: you do not lose any paid hour.
  • Your own schedule: traditional courses are standard hours and days. You make your own choices here for 24 hours ,7 days a week.
  • Have a look at our two porgrams of studies: Learn Greek in Greece combining lessons and holidays & Learn Greek with Skype in One to One flexible on time and days lessons.


Au Pair Placements

Au pairs aged between 17-30 years can work with families taking care of their children. Experience daily life in another country, become acquainted with foreign customs. We can place au pairs in carefully selected families in Europe and the United States.

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