Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust is committed to providing welfare to the chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Sanctuary as well as to the conservation of this endangered species in Uganda and Africa.

Ngamba Island is currently home to 49 orphaned and confiscated chimps, rescued from the illegal pet and bushmeat trade. Despite their initial trauma, chimps living at Ngamba have a safe and semi-natural environment in which to recover and eventually thrive over their long lives of up to 60 years.

Founded in 1998, the island offers 95 acres of natural forest where the chimps roam and forage daily. Their diet is supplemented multiple times per day much to the delight of visiting tourists who are able to observe the feeding from a viewing platform. The chimps also have the freedom to stay in the forest at night or return to nighttime enclosures where they can build nests and receive an evening meal.

The goals of the sanctuary are to:

  • Provide a safe home for rescued chimpanzees while also caring for the environment & other wildlife on the island
  • Provide a high-quality educational experience for visitors
  • Benefit local communities

Caring for the chimps is a 24/7, year-round commitment provided by a dedicated team of more than 22 care givers, veterinarians, volunteers and island staff. CLICK HERE if you want to visit Ngamba Island and discover first-hand what it takes to feed & care for 49 chimpanzees.


1 Week Volunteer Volunteer Program

Gain first-hand experience with chimpanzee behavior at Ngamba Island, immerse yourself in the activities required to care for these individuals, and learn in-depth about the threats and work to conserve their wild relatives.

By participating in this program, you will join a dedicated team devoted to the ongoing health and welfare of Ngamba Island’s resident wildlife and in turn, help us achieve our mission to educate the public about the importance of chimpanzees…our closest living relatives.

Volunteer Activities:

  • Food Preparation
  • Chimpanzee Feeding
  • Assisting in Medical Procedures (only if necessary during your one week stay)
  • Cleaning Chimp Nighttime Holding Facility
  • Carrying out Enrichment Exercises for Chimps
  • Collecting Behavioral Data & Typing up Records (chimp diaries)
  • Support Maintenance of Island Facilities
  • Enjoying Island Wildlife


4 Week Volunteer Program

In addition to the activities included in the one week program, you will also gain experience with chimpanzees in their natural habitat and witness the very real issues threatening their survival. The thrill of this fully immersive program is an experience that lasts a lifetime! During your time volunteering, you will participate in a variety of tasks, all vital to the continuation and sustainability of the Chimpanzee Trust and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

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